Summary: Psalm chapter 145 verse 14, “The Lord upholds all those who fall and lifts up all who are bowed down.” For salvation do we have to memorize the Bible? No! Must we obey all 613 Commandments of the Jewish Mitzvot or the 10 Commandments? No!

Are you uncertain about your salvation? Are you consumed with doubt, fear, anxiety or troubled emotions? Can you deny you've never thought of the afterlife in Heaven or Hell? People standing at the open edge of a grave oftentimes think of these things. Can you honestly say you're not fearful of death? If so, you are but one among many with the same concerns?

To help you, it is important to examine for whom Christ died. The short answer is; He died for all of us, each and every human. Jesus forfeited His life here on earth for the weak in faith, those without much strength or assurance. Through His blood all sinners have a path to salvation. We are all sinners. This, you know, no one can deny. But sinners lost without faith in God are hopeless, incapable of saving themselves. Do most sinners really realize this? No, however our weakness and helplessness was known by God before we were born. The Bible says that we are unable to understand the things of God. Perhaps you're not understanding the Gospel because you're trying to rationalize it rather than accept God's word and messages by faith.

Even many persons of strong faith and deep biblical knowledge are uncertain of their future destinies. Often believers and non-believers alike ask: “How can we be sure that we're eternally secure in Christ?” People by their nature are skeptical and doubtful. Therein lies the clue why? It is our nature. Natural man is not a 'Spiritual man.' 1 Corinthians chapter 2 verse 14, (New King James Version) “But the natural man does not receive the things of the Spirit of God, for they are foolishness to him; nor can he know them, because they are spiritually discerned.”

While it may be difficult to understand or comprehend, Jesus died for everyone including the unbelievers for we all fall short of God's glory. Jesus died for you and me and the people who, as yet, do not know Christ's justification is by God's grace and our faith. If the Spirit of God does not live in some people, they are sinners which the Bible describes as dead and destined to live in Hell. How would it feel to be separated from God and all others for all eternity? Fellow listeners, I don't say these things to try to scare you into believing as a Christian, but that is exactly the fate that awaits all that do not accept Jesus as their personal savior. The Bible tells us so.

If you're not a Christian, you represent the Antichrist, you are spiritually dead to the one true God. How-ever, if you are just a spiritually weak Christian you most likely are not prepared to spread what may arguably be two of the most important messages of the New Testament concerning your assured salvation. Jesus Himself said, in John chapter 6 verses 38 throught 40, “For I have come down from heaven not to do my will but to do the will of Him who sent me. And this is the will of Him who sent me, that I shall lose none of all those He has given me, but raise them up at the last day. For my Father’s will is that everyone who looks to the Son and believes in Him shall have eternal life, and I will raise them up at the last day.” And Jesus further emphasized in John chapter 6 verse 44, “No one can come to Me unless the Father who sent Me draws him; and I will raise him up at the last day.” What better verses can be found to take to the unbelievers or those with a teetering faith?

God’s grace is singularly paramount in His design for our salvation. God’s grace is what makes salvation possible. Yet, what does humankind have to do to receive grace, to be assured of the certainty of eternal salvation? Views on the precise answers have vexed many biblical scholars, believers, and non-believers alike. As disciples of Christ, our principal ascending responsibility is to have everlasting faith. While Mankind cannot save itself, either in mass or individually, with God's Grace and our faith we are commanded to go forth and make disciples of all nations. We are directed to walk this earth in the name of Jesus spreading the Gospel. We are commanded to do this in resistance to the evil influences of Satan and his minions in order assist the Holy Spirit in saving more souls.

Even as the Gospel should be delivered to the masses, salvation is always a one-on-one contract between God and you alone. God has met His responsibility in offering you a path towards salvation but you must by faith accept Jesus Christ. Salvation is personal! Salvation must be achieved individually! No one else can pray you into Heaven or back from Hell after you die. The time to pray for yourself or unbelievers you know is while each is living.

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