Summary: In these times of uncertainty the Lord has given us some certain truths that we can cling to.

Certain Truths For Uncertain Times

It is obvious to everyone that we live in uncertain times. It is scary to even watch the news these days. The winds of change and uncertainty are blowing everyday and it leaves all of us wondering in what direction our nation and world is headed. During these times people are desperately searching for security, stability and a source of hope and peace. We long for someone to tell us that everything is going to be all right. God longs to do that for us ! He wants to sweep us in his arms like we would a child and speak to us words of hope, peace, and love. He has provided for us in his word Certain Truths For Uncertain Times. Today I would like for us to look at three of these passages of scripture.

Job 19:17-25

From these scriptures we see that

Job is afflicted by disease.

Job is covered from head to toe with sores. He sits in the dust scraping the sores with broken pottery and listens to the criticism of his friends. If anyone ever dealt with uncertainty it was Job

Job is abused by despite.

Children pass by him and shake their head, make fun of him and talk about him. His friends accuse him of sin.

Job is abandoned in despair.

At a time when he most needs a shoulder to cry on, a reassuring hand upon his shoulder, a soothing voice of comfort he instead receives belittlement and abandonment.

But amid all of this….the affliction, the abuse, and the abandonment…in spite of the disease, the despite, and the despair…….Job finds some Certain Truths For Uncertain Times.

I. We Have A Lord That Lives V.25

From the dust, his heart aching, and breaking…he lifts his head heavenward and voices a proclamation of certainty. I know that my redeemer liveth, and that he shall stand at the latter day upon the earth. These certain words remind us of………..

a. The Redemption

In times of uncertainty we can remind ourselves of our redeemer the Lord Jesus. He too was afflicted, abused, and abandoned. He suffered all of this on our behalf that we might be redeemed by his blood. Remember that in his darkest hours he said It is finished which were not words of defeat but words of a decisive victory !

b. The Resurrection.

Job reminds us of the resurrection. Though our redeemer died on the cross and though all the demons of hell must have jeered and cheered at his death, death could not keep him and the grave could not hold him. He is risen to reign forever !

c. The Return.

When all is said and done and it seems that evil might have the final say let us be reminded that the Lord will return. Chaos shall not win, confusion shall not prevail and corruption will not reign….the son of God is coming again !

Romans 8:28-39 In our second passage of scripture we see that

II. We Have A Love That Lasts.

The Lord lives and his love lasts ! What a wonderful thought !

a. There is no place that his love cannot reach.

Among the rubble of the WTC there was a twisted steel beam that formed a cross.

b. There is no person that he doesn’t love.

c. There is no problem in which his love doesn’t endure.

No tribulation, no distress, no persecution, no famine, no peril, no sword can separate us from the love of God Nothing in this life , not even death itself can separate us from our loving heavenly father. Nothing high enough, low enough, powerful enough, nothing today or tomorrow can separate us from his divine love.

I Corinthians 15:58

III. We Have A Labor That Lingers.

Much of what we do in this life will not matter. Many of our accomplishments will mean nothing when our life comes to an end. But our labor, our service done for the Lord will remain. It is certain !

Someone once said….”Only one life will soon be past, only whats done for Christ will last ! “

There is so much truth to that. How are we investing our time ? Are we spending all of our time on things that will not last.

Remember in these uncertain times we have some certainty in the Lord

We Have A Lord That Lives………A Love That Lasts………..And A Labor That Lingers

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