Summary: Ben Franklin is quoted as saying, "the one thing certain in life is death and taxes" but the truth is this: Only in Christ Jesus can we have both certainty and security.

Certainty and Security

1 John 5:6-11

* This past week was shocking. First, Monday morning begins with two people arbitrarily gunned down in an attempted bank robbery, one of the robbers shot, and one “reportedly” got away (later it was said that the suspect acted alone), the next day, unexpectedly Jerry Falwell passes away, and then I hear reports of more robberies, so the question becomes is there anything safe and secure any longer? What’s going on? Ben Franklin said, “There is not sure except death and taxes”, yet we know (as he knew) that he overstated this case. We want both certainly and security.

* By the way, mankind will search in some unusual places to find both certainty and security. How do I know this? Well, why are Palm Readers, Psychics, and cults, being consulted by people we would consider as being normal.

* For the believer in Christ Jesus, these two are clear and real. God has given us the ability to “know-so”. We don’t have to hope for the future because the future is our hope. We don’t have to live in the shadow of a think so, hope so, or maybe so life. Through Jesus we live in the KNOW SO NOW.

* Now an old man, the Apostle John has penned this first epistle to a group of believers who have seemingly been beaten down in their faith. They had been told that Jesus was not who He claimed to be, that their faith was in a false god, and they had no way TO KNOW that He was indeed the answer. John wrote this letter so that His readers might remember what they had initially sensed when they placed their trust in Christ.

* Turn with me to 1 John 5. I remind you that John is giving us God’s desire for us to be victorious, conquerors, even successes through HIM. In truth, we can never be any of these if we are insecure, unsure, and uncertain. In verse 5 John cuts to the heart of the matter (read verse 5). Jesus being the Son of God separates truth from fiction. Watch how John nails down this truth in our text. (verses 6-11)

* To establish a historical truth, it is required that the proper thought processes be employed. Two things need to be considered; first, to establish a historical fact is not about “proof” but “evidence”. Evidence is be presented to make the case. Then the evidence is weighed for truth.

Certainty & Security – Pg 2

* Next, history is not decided on what is possible but what is most probable. Let me illustrate; (Bulletin & attendance)

* That we might “know” (don’t forget this is one of the main truths John is trying to communicate) John offers us credible testimony about which assists us in this process. It is offered in the form of “testimony.”

1) Testimony about the Son – Picture with me, a courtroom. The defendant has just been pronounced “guilty as charged” and the judge says, “Sentencing in 2 weeks. I would like to see recommendations about the sentence.” For the next two weeks, the judge is be barraged with letters about the one convicted. Truth is, these letters become written testimony about the character & person of the one who is the center of attention. As we already know, Jesus is indeed the center of creation. He is the dividing line of truth and fiction, true God & false gods. What is the testimony & who are these witnesses about Jesus? There are basically 3 witnesses about Him.

a) The Water speaks of His baptism. Jesus voluntarily submitted to water baptism at the beginning of His earthly ministry to give an example of obedience and importance. The Method, Meaning, & Mandate is clearly seen in His picture of baptism.

b) The Blood speaks of the cross. There is no more important part of God’s plan than this. The Bible teaches some sobering truths; “everyone is a sinner, everyone needs forgiveness, and without the shedding of blood there is no forgiveness of sin”. Today there is a movement to take away the blood from singing, preaching, teaching, and even salvation. It is still the blood of Jesus which washes our souls white as snow.

c) The Spirit speaks of the comforter, counselor, confidant, and close friend. Spirit testifies that Jesus is exactly who He claims to be. In the upper room (John 15:26) Jesus gives the spirit the title “spirit of truth”. Jesus told us that the Spirit would come after His ascension. And it happened. The Spirit witnesses to us thru the word, our consciousness, & our experiences.

d) In Deuteronomy 19:15- The law required 2 or 3 witnesses for a matter to be settled.

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