Summary: We need to put our whole focus into humble trust and dependence on God as we seek to serve His will and follow His commandments.

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Change And Become Like Children

Change Part Two

Text: Matthew 18:1-3


This evening we continue a short series centered on change. You may have noticed quite a bit of talk about change in the media these days. Change is taking place all around us, in every aspect of our lives it seems there is change happening. Politics, economy, climate, we are told that everything is changing and that we must change accordingly (according to whom is the question!)

In our first lesson we saw how God calls everyone to repentance; that is, to change the direction of our lives.

In this lesson we will examine a teaching Jesus gave to His disciples requiring in them a change of attitude concerning the Kingdom of Heaven.

The lesson given here is one that I am sure many of us can recognize; the need to have our priorities in proper order.

Read Matthew 18:1-3

The word “converted” means turned, changed, or recovered. The disciples were going in completely the wrong direction and unless they made a complete about-turn, they were going away from the Kingdom of heaven and not towards it.

Their opinions and feelings about the kingdom of the Messiah had to be changed. They had supposed that he was to be a temporal prince. They expected he would reign as other kings did. They supposed he would have his great officers of state, as other monarchs had, and they were ambitiously inquiring who should hold the highest offices. Jesus told them that they were wrong in their views and expectations. No such things would take place. From these desires they must be turned, changed or converted, or they could have no part in his kingdom. These ideas did not fit at all the nature of his kingdom.

As long as man considers his own self as the most important thing in the world, his back is turned to the Kingdom, and, if he wants to reach the Kingdom, he must turn around and face in the opposite direction.

Jesus required that the disciples turn, that is, that they change from their worldly ambition and selfishness and develop the characteristics of a child, specifically humility.

I. Humble as a Child v3

A. This is the main emphasis of the whole passage.

1. A child does not wish to push themselves forward neither do they wish for prominence.

a. It is only as the child grows up and gets involved in a competitive world that his instinctive humility is left behind.

b. The follower of Christ must learn to humble himself as a child, giving up the pretence of prominence or preeminence within the Kingdom.

2. Read Mark 9:33-35

a. v35 "If anyone wants to be first, he shall be last of all and servant of all."

II. Humble as a Servant

A. Romans 12:3a (NASB) 3For through the grace given to me I say to everyone among you not to think more highly of himself than he ought to think;

1. True humility means knowing yourself, accepting yourself, and being yourself, your best self, to the glory of God.

a. It means avoiding two extremes: thinking less of yourself than you ought to (as did Moses when God called him, Ex. 3:11ff), or thinking more of yourself than you ought to (Romans 12:3).

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