Summary: "What if . . .?" Our goal is to change our community to the glory of God, but that change will not take place until we allow God to change us first.

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Change in you starts with a change in me.

II Chronicles 7:14

Intro: Focus on the need in Delaware and the final line in verse 14.

For a change to take place in Delaware . . .

I. We must change the one who is in charge.

“If My people who are called by My name. . .”

A. People who make real change are people who

belong to the Lord.

1. “What about non-Christian organizations?

United Way?”

a. They do great works, but how long do the

affects last?

b. When God, through His people, does a

work in a persons life, how long does

that last?

i. Children: past BYBC, VBS.

ii. These are changes that will never

leave them

2. To belong to God, you must surrender to Him.

B. “But aren’t we all, in some way, part of God’s


1. There is nothing natural about being a

part of God’s family. As a matter of

fact, it is very unnatural.

2. “Who is in the family of God?” Jn 1:10-13.

a. All who receive Jesus Christ.

b. All who believe in His name.

C. There is more to having an impact on Delaware

than merely being a part of God’s family.

1. This is instruction directed to the people

who belong to God.

II. We must change our attitudes about ourselves.

“ . . . will humble themselves. . .”

A. “Humble,” derived from word = “to be contract,

wrinkled”; also “folding the wings.”

1. Illus.: A Peacock’s wings

2. What is the peacock saying to the others?

Look at me!!

3. Illus.: My son riding his bike for the first

time. "Hey, look at me! Look at me!"

-I loved it. His friends got annoyed

4. Don’t we do that sometimes?

B. God says, “You want to make a difference in your

community, take the spotlight off of yourself and

put it on the one who deserves it.”

III. We must change our attitudes about prayer.

“ . . . and pray. . .”

A. Great Welsh Revivalist."What was the secret of

those great Revivals we read about?"

B. Revivalist Evan Roberts responds, “There is no

secret! Ask and you shall receive!”

1. Is that true? Do we believe it is true?

IV. We must change our ideas about change.

“ . . . and seek My face. . .”

A. Seek God’s face = find out what He wants.

1. “I want to know You.” Chorus.

B. God, “Work with the youth.”

C. Us, “ Yes, Lord. I’m glad you asked because I

have some great ideas.”

D. Find out where God is at work and join Him


V. We must change the way we live.

“ . . . and turn from their wicked ways. . .”

A. “Wicked, that’s an awful strong word, isn’t it?”

1. “Not talking about me, is it?”

a. I’m not that bad. “Wicked” are the really

bad ones.

2. This is still an address to God’s people.

a. God’s people can follow wicked ways!

b. Being a Christian doesn’t exempt you from


B. “I’ve got some hang-ups, but my sin doesn’t

affect anyone but myself!”

1. Illus.: Injecting poison into my arm, does

it only affect my arm?


a. The body of Christ.

b. When you walk in that door with sin in

your heart, you infect the church body

with that sin.

c. Just as poison will inhibit or paralyze a

physical body, your sin inhibits the work

of this church.

3. God is not a killjoy who doesn’t want us to

have any fun, He knows the affects that sin

will have on you.

C. “What’s the big deal, Tony?!”

2. How can we have a true desire to see the

Delaware healed from the sickness of sin

when we, ourselves, are not willing to be

healed to the same illness.

a. How can we want to see Delaware healed of

its anger and bitterness when we are

harboring angry feelings ourselves?

3. For God to purify our city, He must be able

to use pure instruments. Do you desire that


Song from Integrity music:

"A pure heart, that’s what I long for a heart that follows hard after Thee

A heart that hides Your Word so that sin will not come in

A heart that’s undivided, One You rule and reign

A heart that beats compassion that pleases You, my Lord

A sweat aroma of worship, that rises to Your throne"

4. Purity starts with a relationship with Jesus Christ.

-Present Gospel

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