Summary: God’s judgmenthas been released and change is coming to the church.

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• Something has changed in the heavenly realms! In the middle of August, I was seeking God for what His emphasis was for this upcoming year. As I sought God I was filled with sadness. I felt like Jeremiah in the book of Lamentations as I looked at our community. I saw the drugs that are killing our people and the gangs that control them fighting for control over our community, I saw abortion killing the next generation and aids and Hepatitis C killing the people and I was inspired to preach a sermon on the coming of God’s judgment unless people repented in August.

• Society in general has drifted farther and farther away from God and pursued their own thing. We had shed any attempt of government, society and even the Word of God to place restraints on our desire to seek pleasure, power or wealth. The question I was asking was have we wandered too far? Yet I had no idea at that time just how soon God’s judgment was about to be released.

• Within a week of preaching this sermon, Katrina had destroyed New Orleans and areas around it and within two weeks Rita again hit it again. In recent history we have seen the London Subway bombings and the 911 attack on New York. As these events unfolded I kept asking God what they meant? But at the same time I was hearing God say enough! Turn to 2 Timothy 3:1-9.

• But God never does anything without first revealing it through His prophets. God has an early warning system. Turn to Amos 3:6-7. God has been warning us through His prophets. John Bevere has been warning the church about God’s desire for holiness. We have heard the same message from many prophets and I even heard it in Nunavut. But what about the Prophets who have been preaching prosperity and God blessing. God’s Word says that in the many false prophets will abound. Turn to Matthew 24:9-14. Today the church needs discernment to sort out all the messages being given. We certainly don’t need more information and confusion what we need is to take the time to hear from God directly.

• New York and London represent the world financial markets that symbolize wealth and power. I believe that God released judgment on them because of society’s preoccupation with and worship of money that has become an idol for Europe and North America. Don’t tell me that some Arabs were mad at the US and Brittan and just decided to attack two cities. Nothing happens in this world unless God allows it. In fact the bible is full of accounts of God using evil nations or people to punish His people who have wandered too far in their sin.

• New Orleans, I believe is just the first of two natural disasters that God has aimed at the moral decay of our society. New Orleans had become a symbol for all that was decadent. Recently it had become a major spokesman for Gay rights. Mardi Gras had descended into a celebration of evil that was as bad as or worse than Sodom and Gomorrah. The bible is full of accounts of how God has and will use natural disasters to destroy this kind of evil. And God’s not done yet. The latest prophecy is that Los Angeles is God’s next target.

• So why does God us calamities to accomplish His goals. First God does not view death the same way we do. God sees death as the beginning of new life. Jesus said unless a seed fall to the ground and dies more fruit will not be produced. God destroys what is evil so that He can recreate something that honors Him. God is looking to recreate our society that is abased on His guiding principles that are founded on His Word. God wants His people to worship, honor and obey Him.

• Do not think for a moment that God is only mad at these cities. No in fact God is not mad at the unsaved sinners. They have been around throughout history. So who is God mad at? His church! We are the salt and we have lost our saltiness and in God’s eyes we are worthless. Salt loses its saltiness when other contaminating minerals that our found in and around the salt eventually leach the salt out. God’s church has been corrupted by the society in which they live. We see the moving of the Lord around us and yet we continue to have church as usual. Then we wonder why we can’t hear God.

• So where will God’s judgment stop? At the place where God has a church that is prepared and yielded to Him so that He can use it to take the city for Him. Does that mean that God’s judgment will come on Sucker Creek and High Prairie? I believe the answer to that is up to us.

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