Summary: God gave Peter a vision to change the way he looked at people. We need to see people the way God does.

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CHANGE THE WAY YOU LOOK...At People: Unclean to Clean

Acts 10:1-16 January 7, 2009

God gives Peter a vision to help him see people like God does. God can change the way we people!

• How would people describe you in one word? (The truth is you probably don’t really know!)

• Would you like to experience change? Please don’t say you have no regrets or wouldn’t change anything.

• Change is the Hot Word Today: Ask God what needs to change in your life.

• Are there any people in your life that you want nothing to do with? Why?

Acts Review: A New Church: A major change is about to occur that will require a major change in thinking.

Change will come into our lives when we change the way we look at people:

We can experience change in the following ways:

I. Recognize that there are people different from me that are seeking God.

A. Cornelius:

• A Roman officer, Gentile, probably not well liked by Jews, Christians

• Probably wealthy

• But he feared God, prayed, and gave to the needy.

• But being good does not make you a Christian.

B. What about people who have not heard the Gospel?

• And you shall seek me, and find me, when you shall search for me with all your heart. Jeremiah 29:13

• But he did not know Jesus or the message of the Gospel

• Challenge: Ask someone if they have heard the Good News.

Illus: What would you do after you won the Heisman? Tim Tebow: Goes to prisons.

“One day, people are going to forget about the Heisman Trophy, the jump pass and the national championship. One day, this [championship] ring is going to rust. There are only four things that are going to last forever: God, his word, people and rewards.”

"Because I’m so passionate about it, and because I learned that gift so early, I don’t want to go to heaven and hear Jesus tell me, ’Tim, why didn’t you tell someone else about it?’

II. Peter has a vision: We need a vision to see people the way God does.

• Do not call anything unclean that God has made.

• Who is “unclean” to us?

o People we look down on, even people “better” than us

o We need to be able to relate to different kinds of people.

• It took God three times to get Peter’s attention

o (Peter denied Jesus three times, Jesus asked Peter if he loved him three times)

o How many times will it take for God to get our attention?

This is critical: key people would bring the Gospel to the world. There are people in your life that are critical to what God wants to do.

We are not here for a building or a denomination; we are here for God and real, living people.

Change is hard, but it feels good when it is done!

Don’t be one dimensional: (Don’t be “one word”)

• See beyond your world – your friends.

(You probably won’t talk to your best friend five years from now)

• Do not look down on people not like you

• Even people “better” than you.

• “I’m just quiet, shy…” maybe you’re rude.

• Develop some social skills. Learn to say hi, thank you,

• Put away your cell and your ipod and pay attention to the people standing next to you!

• Even stuck up people need God – maybe they are masking a lot of pain.

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