Summary: In a world were are young people are killing one another and selling drugs.Threw searching Gods word we find that we can change this generation.....

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The world we live in today God has given parents an awesome responsibility. To raise a generation

of young people in a world that has turned its back on God. Our young people today are exposed

to things that there parents were not exposed to until they became adults. But if we would be

honest today and ask the question. How do you teach are young people about faith, purpose, and

destiny. When there surroundings teach them otherwise. The only thing they hear about Faith,

and Destiny is on the radio .(DESTINY’S CHILD, FAITH EVANS) And there purpose is pursued

by what they see on T.V. But television is teaching them to be some pancy’s, pimps, and players.

But there real purpose is to be some priest, profits, and providers. But because that’s what

television does to them tell them a vision. And T.V. is teaching them how to be a player, or how to

be a good dopeman. And our young people are simply impressed by the stuff (cars, jewelry,

woman, and clothes). But my bible says what good is it for a man to gain the world and yet loose

his soul. But are young people don’t understand they have a purpose. And when you don’t

understand the purpose of a thing abuse is inevitable. See every last one of us was created to do

something. And once you find that thing you were created to do that’s were your peace and

prosperity is. See young people we are into chasing stuff (new Jordans, nextels, rims) but when we

are walking in our destiny. Can’t no devil in hell stop us as a matter fact you won’t chase stuff

stuff will chase you. But see that’s were a lot of our frustration come. Not being in that place God

has called us to be in. You might have a good job working for Donald Trump making good

money. But you were created to be an artist you will never have complete satisfaction until. You

might start painting and your paintings will be better than Pacaso. Making you blessed in the way

God intended you to be. (Example Michael Jordan). And see young people we must

understand God is a God of order. And our parents weren’t but here just to birth us. But to shape

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us and mold us into that person God has called us to be. (Example Bow/Arrow) andwhen

they stretch us it’s not because they trippin it’s because there pressing toward mark of the highly

calling that you have in Jesus Christ. (EXAMPLE BEYONCE PARENTS) And young people we

have to stop this let me learn on my own mentality because we mad because our parents are

stretching us. But our parents have already bumped there head and there ain’t no since in us

doing it as well. (EXAMPLE CREDIT CARDS IN COLLEGE). I don’t see anybody running back

to the slavery days to appreciate our freedom. So if we are going to effectively Change A

Generation we have to first. And that leads me to my first Point.



LUKE 15:11-24


LUKE 15:11-14

1. Parents you have to remind our young people when God is blessing you. In a world were are young people have .

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