Summary: Steping through Chapter 13 of Revelation

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13: 1 There is the origin of the beast or antichrist. He arises up "out of the sea." This is explained in Rev.17: 15 where the waters are said to be "peoples and multitudes and nations and tongues." The antichrist arises from among the people. Remember the terrible things that will be taking place upon earth:

· The increase in world violence, conflict, terrorist activities, wars and rumors of wars.

· The increase in natural catastrophes such as famines, earthquakes, and diseases.

The people and nations will be clamoring for a leader who can offer them hope and help.

The antichrist will see their restlessness and political turbulence and give the people the hope they crave.

Isaiah 17: 12-14

Isaiah 57: 20-21

13: 1-2 everything said about the antichrist is symbolic of the enormous political power that he will gain.

1. The antichrist will have seven heads. This means at least two things.

a. The antichrist will have enormous ability, a most unusual genius. The number seven in the Bible means complete and full. The antichrist will be full of ability. He will be a supernatural genius, possessing complete knowledge and wisdom. He will be able to think, plan, act, respond, and react to situations quicker and more efficiently than any man has ever been able to do. Think how far a person could go in political circles and in gaining power if he had what we might term perfect ability-if he was full of knowledge, understanding, and wisdom.

b. The seven heads and ten horns also refer to the ten nations he will rule over. In the beginning there will be ten nations, but he will take over or be given the power and rule of three, which leaves seven. The heads of these seven will most likely surrender their governments to his rule. Therefore, the beast or antichrist has the power of seven heads, seven heads of state.

2. The antichrist will have ten horns. This is the same number of horns that the dragon (devil) had. This again points to the antichrist being the representative or embodiment of the devil upon earth. The horns mean power, and the fact that there are ten horns means a confederated power of ten nations. He will be the political head over ten nations. Horns, of course, pierce, rip, and tear in the most fierce and vicious way.

3. The antichrist wears ten crowns upon his ten horns. Crowns, of course, mean authority and power: he will be the leader and ruler of these ten nations.

4. The antichrist will have ten blasphemous names on his seven heads. This means that his blasphemy against God and believers and against the people of the world will be complete

ð He will be the one who will stand in the very holy place of the temple in Jerusalem and blaspheme the name of God. He will demand that people give their first loyalty to the state. Matthew 24:15

ð He will be the man of sin who opposes all religions; all that is called God and that is worshipped. 2 Thess 2:4

ð He will speak great and boastful and terrible words against the most high. Daniel 7:25

ð He will demand that all worship him and his state. Revelation 13:4

5. The antichrist will combine and embody three of the world’s most powerful empires, that is, empires that had conquered and controlled most of the known world of their day. This is what is meant by his being like three animals: the leopard, bear, and lion.

Who are the three empires that will be wrapped up in the beast? Note that the antichrist is said...

· To look like a leopard

· To have feet like a bear

· To have a mouth like a lion

What world empires do these animals represent? And what are the traits that will characterize the antichrist?


(if you want this chart please email me )

Remember: this was pointed out earlier that Satan is going to do these things for the antichrist.

a. Satan will give the antichrist his power

ð The power of inner strength and energy and spirit

ð The power of personality

ð The power of ability, persuasion, and influence

ð The power of force and might

a. Satan will give the antichrist his seat, that is, his throne, his government. Satan will give the antichrist just what he offered Christ: the governments of the world

b. Satan will give the antichrist his authority; that is, he will give him complete authority, dictatorial rule and command and influence. He will give the antichrist the greatest power and rule ever known in the world.

The antichrist will be healed from a mortal wound. It is important to see what is being said here.

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