Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: A christian reply to the Evolution

Our scientific achievements misrepresent the way space, time, and matter behaved in the formation of and the measurement of the age of our biosphere.

Early the next millennium morning, God’s righteous spirit moved across the face of the productively succulent maturing earth.

The blossoming underbrush was naturally aggressively unfolding on this now fruitful young biosphere floating in the ordered expansion of time and space.

The green underbrush formed the highly energetic soup of colors that now carpeted the biosphere designated planet earth.

God called forth the various seasons. He identifies the days and years.

With His commanding almighty Word, He placed the blazing yellow sun star and reflective moon biosphere high up in the heavens to reign over the earth.

God proclaimed, ‘The sun shall rule in the daytime and the moon shall rule by night.’

When it was all said and done, God rested that day.

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