Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: Serving the Lord means walking into the unknown. We may have many unique experiences.

Chapter of Firsts

(Acts 5:17-41)

1. Kokomo is called the City of Firsts…. If you ’ve ever been to the Sieberling Mansion, AKA, The Howard County Museum just two blocks from here, you’ve probably seen the list of Kokomo’s firsts.

2. "City of Firsts" inventions

1894 - Elwood Haynes makes the first successful trial run of his "horseless carriage" on Pumpkinvine Pike.

1894 - The first pneumatic rubber tire was invented by D.C. Spraker at the Kokomo Rubber Tire Company.

1895 - The first aluminum casting was developed by William "Billy" Johnson from the Ford and Donnelly Foundry.

1902 - Kingston carburetor developed by George Kingston.

1906 - The first Stellite cobalt-base alloy was discovered by Elwood Haynes.

1912 - Stainless steel tableware was invented by Elwood Haynes as a response to his wife’s desire for tableware that wouldn’t tarnish.

1918 - The Howitzer shell, used in World War I, was created by the Superior Machine Tool Company.

1918 - The first aerial bomb with fins was first produced by the Liberty Pressed Metal Company.

1920 - The mechanical corn picker was created by John Powell.

1926 - Carl Molin developed Dirilyte golden-hued tableware.

1928 - The first canned tomato juice was created by Walter Kemp from Kemp Brothers Canning Company in response to a physician’s need for baby food.

1938 - The first push-button car radio was created at Delco Radio Division of General Motors Corporation.

1941 - Globe American Stove Company manufactured the first all-metal life boats and rafts.

1947 - The first signal-seeking car radio was created by the Delco Radio Division of General Motors.

1957 - Delco Radio Division of General Motors developed the first all transistor car radio.

3. Just as Kokomo is the City of Firsts, so the book we call "The Acts of the Apostles" is about the church’s firsts.

4. First time inventions or experiences can be frightening. Yet life consists of many first time experiences. And following Jesus Christ can be stressful and scary.

Main Idea Serving the Lord means walking into the unknown. We may have many unique experiences.

TS-- The Apostles had a number of first time experiences in Acts 5.

I. For the First Time, ALL the Apostles Are Arrested (17-18)

A. The Sadducees: ULTERIOR Motives



3. The Sadducees were the real "bad guys" of the NT; although Jesus condemned the Pharisees more aggressively, that was because He identified more with this group, and no one was as harsher about the failings of Pharisees than other Pharisees…they may have been zealous with knowledge of the Gospel, like Saul of Tarsus, they were generally sincere and devout…not so, the Sadducees; they were the "country-club" religious leaders…

B. ALL Apostles Arrested

1. When they arrested Jesus in Gethsemane, the apostles fled in fear; but now they are boldly preaching the Gospel after receiving orders from the high priest to do no more preaching or else. But they all fearlessly proclaim the word and are arrested. What has changed?

2. They have encountered a risen Savior; they are sure of Him, of His orders, and are now empowered by His Spirit. That’s what has changed!

3. Some of you never thought you would become part of the Bible-reading, praying, witnessing, serving crowd. You may have thought Christians were kind of weird or fanatical -- and now you are one of us!

4. From a human perspective, do you realize how vulnerable and fragile Christianity was?

5. If all the apostles were martyred at this point, all the disciples Jesus trained to initiate and lead the church would be no more!

6. Such experiences work in one of two ways: they can make you bolder, hesitant, or bold in a shrewd, cautious way…

II. For the First Time, an ANGEL Makes a Jail Break (19-32)

A. The ANGEL delivers them all (19-20)

According to Gene Edwards, there are over 300 instances in Scripture in which angels are mentioned. According to a Time Magazine/CNN poll, 69% of American adults believe in the existence of ANGELS; 46% believe they have their own Guardian Angel (2); almost one-third (32%) say they have, at one time or another, personally felt an angelic presence in their life. [Sermon Central]

1. Brought them out past the guards

2. Game them a message from the Lord

3. The phrase, “of this life”

B. The Apostles are COMICALLY found back at the Temple! (21-25)

C. The Apostles DEFEND themselves (29-32)

1. By citing HIGHER authority (29)

2. By exposing the Sadducees’ sinful BIAS (30)

3. By suggesting evidence that GOD was on their side (31)

4. By their TESTIMONY (32)

--Vs. 32 really irritated them, namely that the apostles had the Spirit while they, the high priestly family members, did not

--they also had to deal with public opinion…

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