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ACTS 7: 54- 8:3; 9: 1-19

MAY 27, 2007



I met an old friend in the bar the other night He got a little drunk and he wanted to fight; He jumped up and challenged every man in the room. And just about the time he got the words out An old boy jumped up and closed his mouth And used his head for a mop and his butt for a broom. It was an Attitude Adjustment, I guess it was his first time. An attitude adjustment, now he understands just fine.

He got bent out of shape, then he opened his mouth And just one appointment straightened him right out It was an attitude adjustment--It’ll work every time.

Now I’ve got this big old Brother-in-law And me and him just never did get along

Cause he just wasn’t treating my sister nice. He got drunk one night and started and beating me up And I went and got a tire tool out of my truck And straightened him out as cold as a block of ice. It was an attitude adjustment and it’ll work every time. An attitude adjustment-I made him see the light. Now he says I’m his kind of man, He comes around me with his hat in his hand It was an attitude adjustment; I cured his family pride.

Now my girl friend slapped me in the face And I said "Darling, that was your first mistake". And then she went wild and her eyes turned red. She started breaking everything and screaming loud And kicking me and cussing me out And I gave her a little adjustment on the top of her head. It was an attitude adjustment, Ah she loves on me all the time. Just an attitude adjustment, She’s got a whole new frame of mind. She don’t nag and I don’t beg, We get along and like I said, Just an attitude adjustment Ah, everything’s just fine. She called the cops to take me in

And I said "You’ll never do it , Friend". And they just smiled and said "Oh yes we will!". Now sticks to the head and kicks to the shin And several bites by Rin Tin Tin And I couldn’t wait to get into that jail. It was an attitude adjustment, Oh I went along peacefully Attitude adjustment, They made me clearly see So my head is black and my legs are blue And both knee caps are bit clean through It was an attitude adjustment Made my whole life look brand new. YES, SIR. I UNDERSTAND JUST FINE--PERFECTLY

TRANSITION THOUGHT: Occasionally, in this life, we need an attitude adjustment! Sometime, we just don’t understand how life works, and someone has to come along and remind us! If we are going to make it into the life to come, Jesus needs to change our attitude and Develop our character. Often we look at people in the scripture and forget they are no different than us. They are God’s chosen servants for their day just as we are called to be God’s chosen servants for our day. We must know Jesus and Grow in that knowledge if we are to be usable in the service of our King! We are going to begin a little journey over the next four or five weeks looking at the development of the Apostles Paul’s character and realizing that he like us was on a Journey of growth. And that He did not go on this journey alone!

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