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What does the word servant mean? We use that term everyday in our lives. Some use the term to mean someone who serves the needs of their employer. This is true. This is one meaning of the word still others use the word to describe the service that a politician provides to his constitutes. But how does God use the word? What is God aim when He tells us to be servants? In ancient times all the subjects in a kingdom were the servants of the king and lords. They were bound to serve them in any way that they needed. In return the kings and lords were bound to protect their servants. Jesus is our King and Lord how are we going to serve Him. There are people that believe the Bible is just a book that it is not the infallible word of God. That it was not God inspired but the work of men. I fully believe that the Bible is the truth and that every word that is in the Bible was God inspired and that there are no mistakes our omissions in God Word. Amen. I believe that The Bible is where God speaks to me about how I am to live my life. It is the blueprint specifically designed to teach and inform me about the will of God. Amen. I believe that any deviation from what God teaches in the His Holy Word is a hearsy which is man’s idea and not God’s. Amen.

It is like the Old woman who was high up in the Government in Washington. She had been a ambassador and held several high position in our government. One day while rushing to an appointment she is in a accident and dies. When she arrives at the gates of heaven she where Jesus informs her that she would have to spend a day in Hell and a day in Heaven and then make her mind up about where she wanted to spend eternity. Well she said she knew that she did not want to spend eternity in a place as terrible and horrible as hell so they could forgo the hell part. Jesus said no she had to spend a day in each. Well the lady decided to go to Hell first. Jesus puts her on an elevator and down she goes. Finally she reaches Hell where Satan meets here at the door and escorts her. What did she see. She saw many of the same people who she had worked with in government. People form all over the world. They were dressed in fine clothes standing around eating and playing golf just having a great time. At the end of the day she did not want to leave but went to spend her day in heaven. Jesus met her and showed her all the beauty and splendor of heaven. She saw everyone experiencing the most spectacular, glorious eternal life that you could imagine. But at the end of the day when she was asked where she had decided to spend eternity she said well Heaven was great but Hell seemed to be so much more fun than Heaven. As she descended to hell she planned all the fun she was going to have. When the elevator reached the bottom and the doors opened instead of seeing the splendor and fun she saw yesterday what she saw instead was everyone in torment and anguish. Satan was there waiting for her. She said everyone was having so much fun yesterday and they were so happy where is that now. Satan said yes but yesterday we were politicking for you.

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