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Summary: Ordination: Both pastors and participants in the local church need to join hands for the sake of ministry in the Kingdom of God.

Charting the Course for Biblical Ministry

(I Timothy 4:10-5:2)

[Note: This was preached as part of an ordination service on a Sunday morning]

1. Last Easter, your board decided to get the most handsome preacher in Indiana to speak. He said no.

2. Then they thought they would get the most intelligent preacher in Indiana to speak. He said no.

3. Then they decided to get the pastor with the best personality in Indiana to speak. He said no.

4. Then they said, “Let's ask our pastor.” So they asked Rob.

5. And what could he say but yes? He already said “no” three times!

6. How I met and knew Rob and Tracy

7. Mentoring (preaching, visiting with me); special music, deacon

Main Idea: Both pastors and participants in the local church need to join hands for the sake of ministry in the Kingdom of God.

I. We Exert Ourselves Because We KNOW God (4:10)

A. We know the LIVING God

1. It is easy for theology to replace the living God (put him in hibernation)

2. It is easy for routine to make us forget he is a living God

3. Illustration: Marylu and I outside, vultures circling overhead

B. He is the Savior of all men POTENTIALLY

– My wife and I have many family members who do not really know the Lord

--It is sad to bury them; Jesus died for them, so they could have been saved...

C. He is the Savior of believers PARTICULARLY

--Objective salvation vs. subjective

II. Pastors Have a SPECIAL Calling (11-16)

A. Like all elders, they are to MODEL Christian maturity (11-12)

1. Many people are going to do what is familiar to them

2. But others are teachable, and learn from those who succeed in godliness & family

B. They are to be obsessed with teaching SCRIPTURE (13)

Disciples are essentially students. One of the main ways the church is to disciple others is through much teaching. Before the pastor is a chaplain, counselor, administrator, or leader, he is a teacher.

He is here to help you grow, to train you for ministry. From what I hear, you are indeed growing in the Lord and serving Him. He is teaching those who want to hear; you should be proud of yourselves.

C. They are called, and ordination is the RECOGNITION of God’s call (14)

D. They need to KEEP growing (15)

1. Reading, conferences, ongoing…Some guys learn what they learn at school and stop...

2. Jesus to Peter: “Feed my sheep.” The nutrition of the Word; emotional stories have their place...

E. They are VULNERABLE (16)

Saved from what? Failure and loss of effectiveness. Pay attention: balance

III. Pastors and People Are to Be RELATIONAL (5:1-2)

A. The danger of viewing others as FUNCTIONARIES

1. Big challenge to loving others: view them as real people; man behind Post Office desk; doctors, lawyers, clerks, waitresses, police officers, even the folks at the license bureau...

2. Some have sons Rob's age; would you expect them to be like you at your age?

B. Questions to CONSIDER:

1. Is the Lord your shepherd or your FOREMAN?

2. Is your pastor God’s gift to your church or a paid HAND?

3. Are church participants CLIENTS or family?

4. Is working hard at ministry really WORK?

C. Love and RESPECT should flow in both directions


1. The Kingdom of God is a genuine Kingdom; God works in us by His Spirit.

2. The call to pastoral ministry is a usually a call to grassroots ministry.

3. Today, the leaders of this church and the pastors at Rob's ordinations examination have recognized that God has his hand upon Rob. He is imperfect and fallible, but he leans upon the Word of God which is perfect and infallible.

4. As Rob is officially ordained today, we are grateful that God has provided you with a competent shepherd. And we are grateful for the fine flock he has been called to shepherd.

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