Summary: If you have heard the news this week you probally have heard how Chick Fil A has comeunder attack after their leadership stated his view and the company stand on "Same sex marriage". This message speaks of how Jesus calls us to be stand up Christians, hon

Matthew 5:1-16 (Attitudes) focus on verse 6 “Chick Fil a Christianity”

INTRO – If you’ve been watching news this week you know Chick fil a President, Dan Cathy was interviewed and said He and Chick Fila a supported Gods view of Marriage 1 man/women- He Said he prayed for God’s mercy on our country as our Country may fall under the judgment of God for allowing gay marriage. Here is a public company leader to be admired for taking a stand for very principles in which our country was founded. Now the politicians have been all over it. Refusing to give permits to build new restaurants. Seems free speech applies to everyone except Christian’s – Its never been easy to stand for Jesus – In my estimation it’s gonna get harder. Jesus knew that. Here’s what was going on, people were flocking to Jesus They saw miracles. Heard stories and wondered “wow, what can this guy do for me?”. So as He looks at crowd, stops them and says “its time to talk”. “If you’re gonna follow me then there are some things you need to know. Its not gonna be easy. Theres Gonna be some difficult choices to make”- In that conversation He shares what it Takes to take your stand with Him…..

READ - Jesus uses word“ blessed” = (happy/cheerful/joyful) – In other words He is saying that happiness/completeness your looking for; Here’s how to achieve it; Cheerful are you when you have;


a) IT IS A DESPERATE CRAVING– “hunger and thirst”

b) IT IS A CONTINUAL CRAVING - No matter how much you feed on God today, you’re going to need more of Him tomorrow- And next day – Jesus said “pick your cross and follow me….daily”- Not called to stand once but stand daily……….

ILL- From what I have seen of Chick Fila, they are led by folks who have a stronger craving than making buck/making politicians happy or even making chicken. They crave to make God honored. CAN THAT BE SAID OF OUR CHURCH/FAMILIES/PEOPLE/YOU?

2) COMMITMENT TO HONOR GOD – ILL- Prob. know CF Closed on Sunday. Every other Fast food resturant is open but not them…Why? To Honor God/others (employees) that = Commitment. What are you committed to? What type of commitment are we to have?

a) A CONSUMING COMITMENT = “Righteousness”

b) A COMPLETED COMMITMENT–That inward feeding makes a complete circle when it makes an outward difference…….

ILL- When go chick fil a your going for one thing. They don’t sale burgers/steaks. They are committed to one thing and doing it well. Chicken. But they are led by folks who also use that same philosophy in how they run the business – They’re gonna do chicken well but they're gonna do it while honoring God, and do in order to honor God. Likewise if you dig ditches you need find way dig for Jesus. YOUR COMMITMENT IS COMPLETE WHEN FIND A WAY TO DO ALL YOU DO; WHATEVER YOU DO; FOR ONE WHO MADE YOU. DO YOU CRAVE FOR GOD’S WORD AND HIS PROMISES TO LIVE THROUGH YOUR LIFE? ARE YOU COMMITTED TO RIGHTOUSNESS?


a) LIFE CHANGING CONTENTMENT –ILL One reasons world get so upset when Christians take stand is because it makes them think we’re trying to change them. Truth is some are. What we should say with the way we live, is "if you turn to Jesus He can change you". Now some don’t want that either. So they resist. But they're not resisting CF/Church. They're resisting Jesus. Some of us in ways/areas of life are resisting Jesus. What He says/how He says live. But Jesus is saying here 'if you follow me; Continually crave more of what I call you to do..commit to living for me;then you will discover you change and you welcome the change..Happy/content with change…..I THANK GOD FOR THE CHANGE HE MADE IN ME AND THE CHANGE HE IS MAKING/WILL MAKE IN ME! HOW BOUGHT YOU? ARE YOU READY FOR A LIFE CHANGING CONTENTMENT……….?

b) LIFELONG CONTENTMENT - ILL How many billions do think CF would have made on Sun. alone over the last 40 years? But they made a commitment "Im gonna work hard six days and be content with all He gives. The seventh day is His to thank Him/honor Him for all He has given. The whole purpose of Jesus saying this is to help His followers understand then /today that if you choose to follow Him the definition of happiness /contentment /Cheer is no longer settled by your standards/worlds, but by promises He offers. Here the promise – “If you crave - hunger and thirst for me in your life and are committed to righteousness through me in your life, then you will find lifelong joy"

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