Summary: As Children of God we have been adopted into God's family.

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Adapted from a message by Ray Scott

Romans 8:14-17

August 18th, 2013

Solid Rock Baptist Church

Rev Dan Bauder


For the next several weeks we are going to be looking at who we really are when we ask Jesus into our heart. We are going to start this morning by seeing what it really means to be a child of God. (Red text)

To get a proper appreciation of our “adoption” into God’s family, we need to understand who Paul is writing to. Paul is writing to the Christians at Rome. Under Roman Law, certain things took place when someone adopted a child:

1. The adopted child LOST all his rights in his old family … and GAINED all the rights as a legitimate son in his new family.

2. The adopted child became an heir to his new father’s estate. If a son was later born to his new parents, he didn’t lose any of his inheritance just because he was adopted.

3. The old life of the adopted child was wiped out … including his debts. He was regarded as a new person, and his past was PAST.

4. The adoption was legally binding, and the adopted child was considered a full and complete son of his adopted father … as if he were naturally born.

I. WE’VE BEEN ADOPTED (see verses 14-15)

A. We did n’t choose God. He chose us. The only way we can come to God is if he calls us. (See John 15:16)

B. We have a personal relationship with God (see verse 15)

1. The word, Abba actually means daddy. Jews hd no concept of a ‘personal ‘ relationship with God because they believed God was to holy to have a personal relationship with sinful man. The name for God was Yahweh. So holy was God’s name it was never spoken and when it was written the vowels were left out.

C. We are joint heirs with Christ

1. This was music to the ears of the gentile believers but hard for the jews to take because as Jews they felt they were closer to God because of their linage.

2. Because we are joint heirs with Christ we have a home in heaven.

1. Some preachers will approach a lost person and say: “Do you want to go to Heaven when you die?” NOW, who in their right mind would say “No!”? HEAVEN is a part of the INHERITANCE. It’s not WHY you are saved … the MOTIVE for being saved. It’s the RESULT of being saved. If you say the “sinner’s prayer” and “accept Christ” just because you want to go to Heaven, you are just fooling yourself. BUT … if you repent of your sins, and trust Christ to save you because you are a lost sinner and deserve an eternity in Hell … then Jesus will save you. The RESULT of your salvation is HEAVEN.

3. Our adoption can’t be revoked.


Do you know anybody who was “adopted” by an earthly family? They’re special! Their parents CHOSE them. My parents didn’t CHOOSE me … they got ME, whether they liked it or not! I didn’t CHOOSE my children. I didn’t pick them out … they didn’t pick me out. I had to accept what God gave me (and I’ve been blessed!).

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