Summary: We make roughly 10,000 decisions in a day. At any given time, anyone of those choices can make your life heaven or complete hell. We need to know that God gave us free will so we can make our own choices, these choices will show the passion of our heart

Choices: A Gift and a Curse.

Genesis 13

Question: Is choosing to go where God wants really worth it?

I. Take an inventory of what you have. (V.2)

a. Stop worrying about what you don’t have.

i. Instead, thank God for all that you have left.

· You can’t lose what you don’t have. (So what you DO have is more important.)

ii. You have to have the right focus, don’t worry.

· Worrying about what you don’t have will only throw you off course.

· Worrying only brings about frustration, anger, maybe even jealousy.

b. You have what you have for a reason.

i. If that is the case than the opposite MUST be true.

ii. For instance, you might not be ready for whatever you think you want so much. (finan. Pos.)

c. No matter your status. (E.g. financial, material things), you are rich.

i. You are a child of the God of all creation. That has to entitle you to something.

ii. It might not look like it but you do.

This story: Abram was rich in silver and in gold, although his real riches were in his livestock. The gold and sliver depreciated, but the livestock would reproduce. So he was really rich.

II. Address the issue. (V 7-8)

a. You MUST address problems at the door.

i. It might be hard at first.

ii. As soon as you see the problem, and it sees you, you have to get it.

b. You cannot let a situation sit.

i. Letting it sit, is giving it opportunity as well as PERMISSION to grow.

ii. Confronting a situation at the door is difficult but necessary (ex. catch a hamster, drunk).

iii. Doing “Difficult” needs to be done before “necessary” shows up. (ex. DISCON. NOTICE)

c. Addressing problems brings about peace.

i. There is nothing like getting something of your chest.

ii. Letting something slide causes a conflict inside of you (e.g. cant sleep, cant think).

iii. Addressing a situation prohibits its from popping up unannounced.

This story: Sensing that this problem could get worse before it got better Abram was faced with a dilemma. He saw that his people and Lot’s people were getting into it. So instead of waiting for it to get out of control he attempted to rectify it. Notice that he didn’t go to the herdsmen and try to stop it there. He went to the source. It’s that whole “are you too busy mopping up the floor to turn off the faucet” theory. In life we love to try to do everything besides deal with the real base of the problem. This is where we go wrong.

III. Decide what is best. (V 9)

a. Decisions are best made with Christ in the mix.

i. When you put Christ in the mix, he will guide you.

ii. Christ is the best corner man in the business.

iii. He has no alternative motives, has your best interest at heart (others might have alt. Motives)

b. When deciding, look with more than your eyes.

i. This requires faith.

ii. Don’t worry about what will happen to you. (Matthew 6:26)

iii. You are under the covering of God, so do what he says & know that you will be safe.

c. The price of your decision is worth it.

i. You might not be well off at first.

ii. Decisions that are naturally hard are that way for a reason.

iii. Hard decisions are mainly to test your heart, and loyalty.

This story: Notice that Abram did not take the “me first” attitude. He made it Lots choice. Even though Abram had his family to care for, and needed somewhere decent for them to sleep, he still let Lot chose first. He really defined what living with Christ is about, instead of worrying about tomorrow; he put another in front of himself, which is a example of Christ love.

IV. God blesses those who remain faithful. (V 14-17)

a. God looks out for those who look for him.

i. As long as you are doing the will of God, he will provide and protect you.

ii. God will show you his favor.

b. In all things give God thanks.

i. Know that God has a plan for your life.

c. Remember the difficult but necessary theory.

i. This usually will cause you some kind of pain.

· This is a natural process that has to happen for our growth.

· If you have ever had a pain, it was because something was wrong, and needed to be fixed. This is the same way.

i. In life we will have many of these situations, (DbN) especially as men.

ii. Dealing with difficult in timely manner makes necessary easier. (Telling the truth: my ex)

· Please do not be fooled, NECESSARY WILL come.

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