Summary: This sermon is about the choices we make in our daily lives, especially thos that are both for and against God.

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(1) "There is a story about a man named Fred who inherited $10 million, but the will required that he had to accept it either in Chile or Brazil. He

chose Brazil. Unhappily it turned out that in Chile he would have received his inheritance in land on which uranium, gold, and silver had just been discovered. Once in Brazil he had to choose between receiving his

inheritance in coffee or nuts. He chose the nuts. Too bad! The bottom fell out of the nut market, and coffee went up to $1.30 a pound wholesale, unroasted. Poor Fred lost everything he had to his name. He went out and sold his solid gold watch for the money he needed to fly home. It seems that he had enough for a ticket to either New York or Boston. He chose Boston.

When the plane for New York taxied up he noticed it was a brand-new super 747 jet with red carpets and chic people and wine-popping hostesses.

The plane for Boston then arrived. It was a 1928 Ford tri-motor with a sway back and it took a full day to get off the ground. It was filled with crying

children and tethered goats. Over the Andes, one of the engines fell off. Our man Fred made his way up to the captain and said, "I’m a jinx on this plane. Let me out if you want to save your lives. Give me a parachute." The pilot agreed, but added, "On this plane, anybody who bails out must wear two

chutes." So Fred jumped out of the plane, and as he fell dizzily through the air he tried to make up his mind which ripcord to pull. Finally he chose the

one on the left. It was rusty and the wire pulled loose. So he then pulled the other handle. This chute opened, but its shroud lines snapped. In

desperation, the poor fellow cried out, "St. Francis save me!" A great hand from heaven reached down and seized the poor fellow by the wrist and let him

dangle in midair. Then a gentle but inquisitive voice asked, "St. Francis Xavier or St. Francis of Assisi?" While we laugh at a humorous tale like this, Everyday we are confronted with many choices. We often do not realize how vitally important these choice are and how they impact our lives."

(1) "As we consider choices, may we see that the choices we make will determine our character, our influence, our commitment and relationship to

Christ, and ultimately our destiny." I heard this story told Wednesday night at the Men’s Bible Study and I received permission to tell it here. It

involves TX Dot employee, who I said would remain nameless, but I was told that in TX Dot fashion I was permitted to use his initials "Randy Baiza".

Randy was apparently to change his password on the computer, and the computer even promoted him to do so three times. On the third time he entered the new password, then the computer prompted him to re-enter the password, which he did. He then received the message "You are about to change your password, is this what you want to do?" Randy was confronted

with the choice. He chose "No", because he didn’t want to change his password, this then locked up the computer, because he was suppossed to be changing his password, and when given a choice, he chose "no". It is said that the other employees have learned from his mistake.

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