Summary: As believers, we can choose life in many ways. This message was a follow on to one about abortion. This message speaks to other matters of life, from the new birth, to benefits of the Gospel, to World evangelism.


Deuteronomy 30: 14-16, 19-20. Joshua 24:15

Intro: Explain about every January being the commemoration of Roe v Wade. Spring board into the fact that there are many ways for believers to choose life and not death. Today we highlight several of these.

The underlying assumption in today’s message is that you have already settled the matter of serving the Lord. If you are compromising with sin, having sex outside of the covenant of marriage, engaging in the appearance of evil, or filling your mind with trash, you undermine all these other things. Choosing life begins with saying yes to the Lord and saying no to sin. I Corinthians 6:18-20.

I. Choose life by opposing abortion, infanticide, so-called euthanasia. Here is a report from National Right To Life regarding the March for Life that took place on January 21st 2004.

(read the report)

God’s word says many things about the unborn and the weak being valuable and worthy of protection. Please see today’s News & Nurture for many scriptures and facts.

II. Choose life by learning the benefits of the New Covenant, which Jesus Christ purchased with His holy blood and life.

a. These, of course, begin with eternal life, as offered in John 3:16. Jesus died for the sins of the whole World, but the benefit of that is not received unless the individual person chooses life by choosing to believe in, trust in, and cling to Jesus Christ.

b. The will of God is not done automatically in this fallen world. Until Jesus’ second coming, the Devil is still here and must be reckoned with. He still seeks to steal, kill, and destroy by every means available, from war to diseases. If we believe that sickness and disease come to us from God or through God, we will be robbed of the weaponry needed to fight those things with all unwavering resolve

III. (Read Matthew 24: 14) Explain about “ethne” : nations meaning “people groups”.

Talk about the statistics compiled by U. S. Center for World Evangelism. (go to their Web Site for up to date info…)

Challenge people to Choose Life by being involved in the spread of the Gospel…

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