Summary: Because Christ paid your sin debt, you are able to avoid His judgment and experience HIS blessings.

I. Understand your obligation to obey and reverence Christ. v. 1-3

A. God demands absolute allegiance (1-2).

1. Avoid all idols

2. Observe the Sabbath and reverence His sanctuary.

B. God demands absolute obedience (3).

1. All the plans of life should be controlled by the will of Christ.

2. Performing ritual without faith or while in a state of rebellion was unacceptable worship and detestable in the eyes of God (Isaiah 1:10-16).

II. Experience God’s blessings by living obediently. v. 4-13

A. Obedience brings material prosperity (4-5).

1. O.T. -- Abundant crops

2. N.T. – Temporal provision (Matt 6:25-33)

B. Obedience brings peace and security (6-8).

1. O.T. -- From evil beasts (6) or military invasion (7-8).

2. N.T. – Peace and security is found in Christ.

C. Obedience brings productivity (9-10).

1. O.T. – God’s favor through descendants and provision.

2. N.T. – God’s favor through faith and obedience.

D. Obedience brings divine fellowship (11-13).

1. O.T. – God’s fellowship promised in their day.

2. N.T. – God’s fellowship promised in our day.

3. N.T. – God’s fellowship promised in the future.

III. Avoid God’s punishment by not living disobediently. v. 14-46

A. Disobedience brings divine punishment (14-39).

1. Breaking God’s law brings consequences (14-15).

2. Continuing in disobedience brings more severe punishment (16-39).

B. Repentance brings forgiveness and restoration to blessing (40-46).

1. Repentance is required for forgiveness.

2. Restoration to God’s blessings will result.

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