Summary: The choices we make demonstrate our how much we want to be like Jesus

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• Proverbs, like life, is all about the choices we make

1:7 There is the Lord’s way and the fool’s way

8:13 The Lord’s way hates evil

9:10 There is no wisdom without first acknowledging

God’s sovereignty

14:27 The Lord’s way saves us from death

19:23 The Lord’s way leads us to life

• As Christians, moral choices put us at the “fork in the road” (here I have a graphic of two women (Madame Folly/Miss Wisdom) at the fork in the road standing by their houses at the highest place in the city- Be creative)

Miss Wisdom is all about: wholesomeness, direction, purpose, humility, discretion, morality and grace

Madame Folly is all about being seen, instant gratification, laziness, foolishness, immorality, self-promotion

Proverbs 10-31:9 offers us guidance in training children, work ethic, tongue control, respect for people and God and thinking and living biblically

• Proverbs ends with a look at the Christ follower (Not the "Perfect Wife")

1. The message of the book deals with choosing the way of wisdom or the way of foolishness. The perfect wife message doesn’t fit

2. The perfect wife message includes no relevance for men, boys or women without children

3. Why the perfect wife and not the perfect man?

4. If this is about the perfect wife then women who are not married or are disabled will never measure up

5. The acrostic format is a very convincing argument for the summary rather than a picture of the perfect wife

6. 18 out of 23 times in Proverbs “eeshah” is translated “woman”

7. What benefit is there in teaching 12 year old Hebrew boys about the perfect wife

8. The intention of the author is to leave his readers with a final blast of what choosing the way of Miss Wisdom is all about. Miss Wisdom is the perfect woman

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