Summary: Each day is a choice whether to serve God or go our own way.

Choose This Day........

Joshua 24:14-15

I. Man was created with free-will

A. God allows you free-choice

B. Salvation is freely offered, but it is a choice

II. Choice is not a one time decision

A. Choice is daily

1. Each day is precious and a gift

2. This is a conscious choice

3. Being a committed follower of Jesus takes conscious choice

B. What can you serve?

1. Career

2. Money

3. Sex/relationships

4. Friendship

5. Alcohol

6. Family

C. Serving God means.....

1. Placing Him before all other things in you life

2. Making His will for your life a priority

3. Being obedient to His instructions

4. Inconveniencing yourself to honor God - time, TV, movies, etc....

5. Allowing Him to take care of your needs

6. Allowing God to be made known through your life

a. Your testimony

b. Service to others

c. Honoring Him in all you do

III. To place anything in front of serving God is idolatry - Exodus 20:5

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