At churches globally, there are various Departments which cater for the different sectors of the ministry i.e. an avenue to serve God.

Ushering Department

The ushering department is responsible for ushering members of the congregation into designated seats or areas in the auditorium. They are usually very alert and strategically placed around the aisles during church services to ensure they attend to the needs of the congregation effectively and efficiently with very minimal disruption to the service.

This is the group that shows kindness in welcoming members and guests to church. The ushers are charged with maintaining orderliness in services and keeping the Church in a decent and presentable condition amongst other functions.

Intercessory Department

The intercessory department constantly communicates and petitions God on behalf of the pastorate and entire brethren within the church for the church, community, country and the world at large. They lead such events as the church intercessory prayer sessions, night vigils, 24 hour prayer, and prayer and fasting sessions.

Church Décor Department

This team ensures the church is properly decorated and conducive to suit the various services and conferences hosted in the house. They are skilled at making the house of the Lord beautiful with flowers and such other decorative materials which will ensure that people find the house of God comfortable and conducive for the worship of our Most High God.

Cleaning Department

As the bible says, Cleanliness is next to Godliness, this team labours to ensure that the house is clean.

They ensure the building is kept compliant and tidy to ensure the health and safety of all our members and visitors. Liaise and work with other departmental leaders to ensure that the premises are keep tidy and in order at all times.

Building Maintenance Team

This team oversees all the building and maintenance projects undertaken by the church and ensures all maintenance works are carried out in line with set standards and in a safe and compliant environment.

They liaise with all external and internal building and maintenance contractors on behalf of the church.

Information Stand Team

This team is responsible for responding to the day to day queries of our members and visitors. This could range from finding out how to book an appointment with the pastorate to when the next event is due. They keep themselves fully informed of what is happening in order to assist others with necessary information when called upon.

The IS team is also responsible for displaying church related materials such as, update cards, etc, they endeavour to make visible information that may be useful to the congregation.


The Music Ministry is made up of a group of dedicated brethren bonded by the same goal of leading the entire church in worshipping our God in Spirit and in Truth.

This ministry takes care of the music and worship needs of the church. They are driven by a vision to create an energetic atmosphere for the manifest presence of God in every service and encouraging all to be worshippers.

The ministry is made of the Living Voices, youth choir, children's choir and other ad hoc choirs such as the women's choir that come together to minister during special events.

Hospitality Department

This department is responsible for ensuring the welfare of our members and visitors.

They work closely with the protocol department to cater for the welfare of our Pastors and Guest Ministers. They also cater for meetings and other events in church, where refreshments are required. They ensure dietary requirements are built into menus and that all refreshments are prepared in a clean and hygienic manner.

Protocol Department

The Protocol Department is concerned with ensuring the welfare and hospitality of guest ministers during their visits to THE CHURCH. They are solely responsible for picking up and returning guest ministers to their desired destination. They also work closely with the hospitality department to ensure all needs of our invited VIPs are met promptly.

Welcome Reception Team

The Welcome Reception Department is always at hand at services to ensure that members are given a warm welcome when they come to church. After the service, team members available coordinate a reception for those that are visiting or joining the church. They create an atmosphere to let them know we appreciate their visit to our church and appreciate a return if they do not have a permanent place of worship or whenever they are in town, for those who have visited from afar.

They work in collaboration with the Event Management Team to plan and organize the Welcome Reception "get together" at the time scheduled on the church calendar.

Evangelism & Outreach Department

The Evangelism Team leads THE CHURCH in its vision to spread the gospel within our communities and beyond. This department helps us fulfil the Lord's commandment in Matt 10v7 and Luke 9v2.

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