Summary: This sermon was presented just before the 2000 presidential elections. It compares the lives of Saul, David and Solomon and works toward identifying characteristics of Godly leaders.

Choosing a Leader

I Samuel 13:5-15; 15:1-23; 28:3-20

II Samuel 24:18-25

2 Chronicles 1:8-12

I. Our leaders should be people who are unwilling to compromise God’s Word.

A. Who doesn’t compromise in Washington?

1. "If you don’t compromise, you won’t accomplish


2. IE: passing policies and laws. “You do this for

me and I’ll help you with that.”

B. Compromise is not always a bad thing.

1. Any relationship requires compromise.

2. Illus.: My wife and I: Wife: "Dirty socks go in

the hamper!" Me, I just aim for the corner.

3. We needed to compromise!

C. Compromising God’s Word is always wrong.

(I Sam 13,15,28)

1. Saul compromised because of impatience. (13)

2. Saul compromised because of pressure. (15)

3. Sauls compromises led to the ultimate surrender

of his own standards.

4. How did Saul reach such a low point?

a. Illus.: Compromising God’s Word illus.

*This is a visual illustration where I sit my Bible on one side of the stage and proclaim somethinf like ,"This is God’s Word and it sets the standard from which we all should live." IE we draw the line in our life where God’s Word draws the line, yet when we sin we cross that line and give excuses. "It’s not that bad of a sin." etc. And we take a step away from God’s Word. I then step away from where my Bible is sitting. I throw out examples of two or three more sins with common excuses of why we do them and with each sin mentioned, I take one more step away from my Bible. I finally say something like, "Before long we find that we have traveled so far away from God’s Word and His standard He set for us that we can no longer see it on the horizon of our lives."

b. Saul: I know this is what God wants, but I’ll

leave it here and just step over there for a


c. The first time that happens is the first step

away from God’s Word.

D. Signs of a leader who has compromised God’s Word.

1. A lack of honesty.

- “A man is never more like the devil than when

he lies . . . (John 8:44) . . . A man is never

more like Jesus than when he tells the truth.”

(John 14:6) –--Adrian Rodgers

2. A lack of morality.

a. “A blurring of the line between right and


b. Illus.: Remember Bush v. Clinton.1992

- “Character doesn’t matter!”

- We’ve learned that it does.

3. A lack of respect for life.

a. There are a number of people groups who need

help and the government is doing its best to

serve them. However, one group is grossly

ignored. The unborn.

b. Abortion is wrong and any person who says

different cannot be a godly leader.

c. Illus.: Should we make abortion the decisive

issue? Gary Frost: Yes! It marks where the

candidate stands spiritually.

d. It is no small issue that the next president

will appoint 3-4 supreme court justices during

his term.

e. We have a great opportunity to make a

statement for life in this election.

II. Our leaders should be people who give God the glory He deserves. (II Sam 24:18-25)

This point of my sermon wasn’t develop on paper but in my heart because I feel this is the most telling text of scripture conserning David’s integrity. He was going to give an offering to God and Araunah wanted to give the oxen and threashing floor to the king in order to do it. Who wouldn’t have accepted this? David could have made an offering to God without pulling one coin out of his pocket. But he says, "I will not sacrificeto the Lord my God offerings that cost me nothing." Amazing statement of integrity and faith.

III. Our leaders should be people who seek the wisdom of God above all else. (II Chron. 1:8-12)

A. This wisdom comes from God

B. Seek wisdom above money.

1. A lot can be said about our economy. The best

things Al Gore has going for him.

2. The idea that the economy is all that matters is

just plain stupid!

- One story was told that someone was contrasting the wealth of the United States with the poverty of Central America. A leader in the Mexican government was presented with this point and asked why there was such a vast difference. He simple put it: explorers came to Mexico looking for gold and now have poverty, yet explorers came to North America looking for God and now have wealth. Is North America now seeking God or gold?

- We started as a nation seeking God, but we are

quickly becoming a nation seeking Gold.

C. Seek wisdom above honor: Respect of the people.

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