Summary: As faith is passed down from generation to generation entropy takes place.

Choosing Chairs

Text: Joshua 24:14-15


We are going to look at 3 generations and 3 chairs.

As faith is passed down from generation to generation entropy takes place.

Entropy says “Everything is naturally deteriorating.” Everything is becoming “sameness.”

“For example, a warm mug of tea set on a cold table will pass heat to the table. Once the mug and table are the same temperature, no more work can be extracted from the mug.” The mug and table “are more disordered than initially and cannot be made orderly without an injection of energy from the outside.” (from “The New York Public Library Science Desk Reference, page 284

Faith passed down through the generations tends to deteriorate unless something happens, energy is injected, at the will level of the next generation.

The Generations

· Generation #1

Joshua is a first generation. He is sold our for God. He has an intimacy with God. He wants to be with God. Longs for more of God.

The first chair represents those that are sold out for God.

They are strong believers.

Dead to self and their flesh.

God centered in the way they live their lives.

ð Commitment is their cry.

The Word is treasured and memorized and honored.

Prayer is emphasized and a way of life not just during crisis.

P Churches and denominations are marked by people being saved regularly.

Abraham - not perfect but a friend of God.

David - man after God’s own heart even though he sinned.

· Generation #2 - Joshua 24:31

Notice the shift. Joshua knew God. But after he died the next generation only knew about God.

They knew the works of God but did not know the God of the works.

The 2nd chair know God’s deeds, past tense.

This 2nd chair represents those that want to go to heaven but don’t want to work too hard to get there.

They are weak believers.

ð Compromise is their cry.

Flesh dominates their walk with God.

Self improvement is primary.

They reach both chairs. They have one foot sold out to God and the other foot in the world, but don’t even know it.

Greasy Grace, Sloppy Agape.

They have an identity problem. The most difficult chair to sit in.

Word is little read. Don’t bring Bibles to church.

Pray during emergencies and at church, but little prayer at other times.

P Churches and denominations are marked by political correctness.

Isaac - compromise, family dysfunctional.

Solomon - compromiser, married all those women to make treaties with other nations against God’s Word.

· Generation #3 - Judges 2:8-11

The 3rd chair does not know God at all.

They are unbelievers.

They are marked by callousness - ignorance of God.

They did not even know the works of God.

They are self-centered and self-absorbed - I centered.

ð Self is their cry.

Why did the 2nd chair not at least pass on the knowledge?

The questions - Why don’t we see like chair #1. Stories about chair #1 stop.

P Churches and denominations are marked by no one being saved. Don’t pressure people.

Esau and Jacob - 2 Godly boys? Book of Acts says that Esau never knew God.

Jacob - was a con man, his very name means heel-catcher.

Reaboam - split the nation of Israel and the Bible calls him the most ungodly king up to that time in Israel’s history.

The Solution

2 Timothy 1:5-6

3 chairs - Grandmother Lois, Mother Eunice, son Timothy.

In this family the strong commitment to God was not diluted! Why?

1)Personal Faith

Each generation wanted to sit in chair #1. Not content with where they were at but wanted more of God.

2) Rekindled Faith

Paul says to “stir up” that faith. Keep it fresh.

Don’t let your faith decline but keep spiritual life stirred up.

3) Guarded Faith

Keep the faith. Took responsibility to fan the flame of revival.

Guard what you hand down. Keep it fresh in you and hand down an undiluted faith.


What chair do you sit in?

In your family history where are you: 1, 2, or 3?

In your spiritual journey where are you: 1, 2, or 3?

Absorbed in self? Compromise? or Commitment?

In your church life where are you: 1, 2, or 3?

Absorbed in self? Compromise? or Commitment?

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