Summary: Peter encourages us to live a Godly life by making every effort to be faithful to God, knowing that our reward comes from only Him. Therefore, our focus should always be on Christ and submitting to Him faithfully in all we do!

Choosing to Live for Christ

2 Peter Sermon Series, Part 1

2 Peter 1:1-11


- Well … he’s written us another letter!

- Peter gives guidance and reassurance to the growing church

-- Promise he stand on: the Gospel they are preaching is of Jesus Christ!

-- This is our measuring stick; and it is what saves others (not ourselves)

- He most likely wrote this letter at the very end of his life

-- We know he died during reign of Nero, so before 68 AD it was written

-- Judging by his tone; more than likely written near the end of his life

-- There is a maturity in his words here; instruction for us to glean from

- Just as we did in 1 Peter, I would like to read the entire letter to you

-- It’s important that we understand what he says to us before we unpack

- Read 2 Peter

- Now, let’s focus on a few key verses today

-- This will help get us set up for Sunday, as well as the coming weeks

∆ Point 1 – Live a Godly Life (3-4)

- Peter begins quite honestly where his first letter ended; as an encouragement

-- His direction to the church here is very clear; gives great insight to us

- First, Peter writes and says we ought to “live a godly life” (v3)

-- We have everything we would ever need to do this (grace, peace, mercy)

- Knowing this allows us to transition closer to Christ by living like Him

-- There is an attitude of reverence when we are within God’s presence

-- We adapt a commitment of obedience because of who He is

-- At the heart of a godly life is choosing to be like Him, and not like ourselves

- We must be willing to live for God’s promises to be fulfilled (v4)

-- Jesus promised often in His teachings of the things that would be coming

- He also promised us that we would be able to endure what comes

-- John 14:15-17, “If you love me, keep my commands. And I will ask the Father, and he will give you another advocate to help you and be with you forever - the Spirit of truth. The world cannot accept him, because it neither sees him nor knows him. But you know him, for he lives with you and will be in you.”

- It’s because we know this promise that we can participate with Him

-- IMP: We can participate in His divine nature b/c we submit to His authority!

- The promise is assured because of the character of Who made the promise

-- APP: Christ made it, the Holy Spirit reveals it, we can stand on it for all eternity

- As a result, we escape the corruption of the world and live fully for Him

-- But, we must CHOOSE to submit; CHOOSE to desire only His best

- TRANS: Once we understand the life we should live … we need to …

∆ Point 2 – We must live Right (5-9)

- How should we live today?

-- Look at the progression of growth in Christ (v5-8)

• Goodness - Refers to moral excellence

• Knowledge - Practical knowledge that is lived out

• Self-Control - Inner strength to control your behavior, desires, cravings

• Perseverance - Being able to walk under a heavy load of burden

• Godliness (see v3) - reverence and obedience to God (not about you)

• Mutual Affection (Philadelphia) - love within a family

• Love (agape) - Deliberate desire for the highest good for another

-- APP: If you live for God, and grow in Him, you will not be ineffective

- Want to know how to “Love God, Love People”? Look back at the words!

-- It is not about you; it is about adopting what God has set before us to do!

- IMP: There are consequences to not living rightly … (v9)

-- Nearsighted and Blind … both which cause us to stumble and trip over ourselves

-- EX: To forget the cleansing of sin (opposite of 1 John 1:9) and judge others

- TRANS: So we must make a determined effort to live properly!

∆ Point 3 – Make Every Effort ()

- False teachers have always been a problem for the church as a whole

-- This is what Peter begins to drive out regarding knowing your election/calling

-- Knowing what God’s word says about how we should live changes our focus

- Re-read v10-11

- If you respond right to the challenge, to follow God’s word, you won’t stumble

-- It doesn’t mean that you won’t have problems or challenges in this life

-- It also does not mean that you will never sin (that’s a lie from the enemy)

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