Summary: Through the Holy Spirit of God, what we perceive, we achieve as long as it is within the will of God.

Long before the next growing season, the master gardener carefully selects the desired seeds to be used for the next crop. These ideal seeds are chosen, inspected, and later planted into the prepared soil with the expectation that they will produce. Nevertheless, because of the dangers of disease, insects, and uncontrollable weather, not all of the selected seeds will produce. Moreover, just like these preferred seeds, the chosen of God have been planted into the soil of humanity with the same expectation to produce. However, because of the cares of life as well as much worldly opposition, some of the chosen of God have decided to remain unseen by the enemy. These truant children of God have blended into the fabric of our society like weeds hiding out in the wheat field. Of course, they still do not tell dirty jokes and certainly do not gossip; but they also never produce a spiritual harvest that would identify them as being a part of the household of God.

These carnal minded men and women remain covertly concealed because they value their reputations or even their jobs more than their position as the chosen of God. For them, it is very trying to make a stand as well as walk according to the Scriptures. For the underdeveloped men and women of God, it is very difficult because we live in a world that is hostile to our Godly life walk. As the Chosen of God, it’s hard to hold onto our convictions for fear of what the world will do to us unless we continue to nourish ourselves on the entire word of God. As the chosen of God, we are in a fight for our spiritual life. Therefore, we need to be strong in order to fight against our spiritual enemies. Since, God is the only powerful supernatural spiritual force available to help us fight against Lucifer and his evil followers, let us first strengthen ourselves according to the word of God. When we stand upon the Gospel of Christ, we can stand for God and God will stand for us. Paul suggests that the gospel is something that we are to hold firmly to because our grip on the gospel will determine our faith. Therefore, our grip on or understanding of the meat of the gospel should be just as important to us as drinking the nourishing milk of the word of God.

As babies in our life walk and for the sake of our spiritual growth, we suckled upon the nourishing milk of the gospel that we receive every Sunday from the organized church. Nevertheless, for the benefit of humanity and to strengthen us in our life walk, God instructs us to daily dine upon the meat of the word of God. We must eat the meat to be strengthened as we fight a spiritual battle for our minds and lives. Ephesians 6:12 reminds us that our fight is not against flesh and blood rather we battle an evil spiritual force led by Lucifer and he is an opponent that should be encounter only after a fortifying conversation with God. James 4:7 counsels us to submit to God; resist the devil and he will flee from us. Before the chosen of God can successfully challenge Lucifer or his forces, we must not only hear but also understand these truths or the pieces of meat found in the word of God. By dining upon the meat of the gospel of Christ, we submit our minds to the Spirit of God and his wisdom.

As the Chosen of God, we must first consult God because although defeated, Lucifer is still a vicious fighter. Furthermore, God is the only one that can fight Lucifer and God will win. Moreover, Lucifer is describes as a roaring lion because of his viciousness. He and his army of demons attack the spiritually sick, the underdeveloped, and the spiritually malnourished that are just straggling along behind the pack. Lucifer will devour those that are not alert and are wandering through life as if they were a cloud drifting across the sky. These people fall for unsound doctrine, follow false prophets, and only have a form of righteousness but lack the godliness that comes with a right standing before God. However, as the chosen of God, we need to be aware of Lucifer’s position, activities, and tricks in these last days. Lucifer will try to deceive even the elect of God, except God will shorten the last days. Paul calls on us to examine ourselves because even the chosen of God can be deceived. In 2 Corinthians 13:5, Paul gives each of us a challenge. He says, ‘Examine yourselves to see whether you are in the faith; test yourselves. Do you not realize that Christ Jesus is in you; unless, of course, you fail the test?’

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