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Summary: There was ‘war’ in Israel because they chose new gods!

Chose new gods….

Judges 5:8” They chose new gods; Then there was war in the gates; Not a shield or spear was seen among forty thousand in Israel.”

It is past midnight as I write this message with a lot of burden; today it is not only the entertainment industry that is resorting to new, filthy ways to lure the people to the screen, sprayed with obscenities, perversion, violence and what not for a box office hit; sadly even churches today feel they have to do something ‘new’ to lure the people. This is the lie of satan! Today we have Christian composers robbing music from the film world and offering it to God! Pathetic! Trifling with the creation of others exhibits bankruptcy of ideas. A remake just exhibits dearth of fresh new ideas! Be it ‘Kolaveridi’ song or whatever, we do not have to ape the world. Jesus can give us a whole reservoir of fresh, juicy ideas, we do not have to blend ungodliness with the holy God. I have written thousands of devotions and my many books written are still in manuscript forms and still many more devotions are in manuscript forms for want of time. Such would be the living water that would flow from you when you are connected with the Living Water. Jesus said when I am lifted up, I will draw all men unto me! Amen. He is enough! He is the crowd-puller! Good, fresh manna from Heaven definitely has takers! Enjoy the Word that comes straight from His Feet today!

We have left the true path, strayed away from the path of holiness and forayed into the wrong way. Listen to my message closely today and amend your ways if you need restoration and healing. Instead of searching our hearts and setting right our crooked lives, Christians seek a short-cut method and look for healers among men. Anybody listening? They run to false prophets who would NOT point out their wrong doings, but instead give them wrong counseling: ’witch craft is done against your family that is why this suffering’, whereas this same family would ignore church, indulge in shady business dealings and watch movies 24/7 without sparing a minute for God. These so-called-prophets have no guts to reveal their sins but fill their pockets with the offerings. Beware of such ministries today!

Some Christians never touch the Bible, but bend to touch the feet of the statues of the saints, mother, father of the family of Jesus, except sit at the feet of Jesus. New gods! New ways! There is no salvation at any other feet except the Feet of Jesus! He is our good portion! Learn to read the Bible, speak the truth and live a holy life; rather than live like white-washed walls. These lent days there are many flocking the church to attend mass with fasting. Good, but repentance and ‘fresh new start’ is the need of the day!

Galatians 6:15 “For in Christ Jesus neither circumcision nor uncircumcision avails anything, but a new creation.”

2 Corinthians 5:17 “Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; old things have passed away; behold, all things have become new.”

Today there are many new prayer groups, new churches, new ways and heaps of so-called people calling themselves pastors and bishops flaunting as servants of God. Beware! Don’t enter every opened door or entertain everything that comes your way – identify the chaff from the wheat. The tress is known by its fruits! The devil is out to deceive the people by taking them to the false groups. Most important is self-study and self-discipline; read the Bible yourself and have a tight and close relationship with God. His Word will be a light to your path and a lamp to your feet!

Besides, there is a trend today of ‘worship crusades’ without the ‘Word!’ Beware of such new ways! I know many young people who dance away to glory during worship but hardly touch the Bible or communicate with God. Sadly, they wither away and perish like faded petals very soon. Instead of pampering our young people with hard music and other frivolous things, why not teach them to study the Word and live it out. Friend, let me categorically tell you, Christianity is all about discipline, commitment and surrender. Without spending time with God, you cannot defend yourself from the brutal attacks of satan. Are you listening?

A novice in the spiritual circle, during my initial days of salvation, Jesus was my soul guide, because I developed a disciplined habit of prayer and Bible reading which I still adhere to aggressively. Now, let me take you to the scripture that we have taken for meditation today, the Bible says:” They chose new gods; then there was war in the gates.” Observe! There was ‘war’ in Israel because they chose new gods! Yes, there is war in our home, because we have dared to stray away from the truth and venture into the dominion of the devils! Do not run door to door for words of prophecy instead pray hard and get His direction. Short-cut methods will only bring you agony. Beware!

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