Summary: You have a choice in your own final judgement. Would you like to be judged according to Chapter four of Revelation or would Chapter 20 fancy your style more. It is up to you!

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08/08/10 New Liberty Christian Church, Veedersburg, IN with Pastor Richard T. McQuinn


INTRODUCTION: I am about to give to you one of the sternest warnings I have ever given to you in recent months. With the events happening in the State of California with the homosexual movement and their agenda, I must absolutely remind all of you of the final judgment that the Book of Revelation speaks of.

John the Apostle was exiled on the Island of Patmos. This is part of the Aegean Sea. 10 miles long, 5 miles wide. It is the Lords day----early Sunday morning. John is up early and is in the process of worshiping the Lord. Now think about this. He is all alone we believe. No choir, no preacher, no offering, no announcements. It was just John and God. So why would John take the time to go to a worship service when he was the only one going? God already knew that John loved him, so why go through the motions?

John knew that God is as jealous God and that He expects us to worship him with all of our hearts, our bodies and our souls. Besides that John worshiped Him daily. He talked to Him, sang to Him, laid silent in His presence so he could Hear God talking to Him. Let this be a lesson to all of us. It does not matter where you are, you need to stop and worship Almighty God for who HE is.

This is probably during the year of 91-95 when Domitian was on the throne. You will remember this killer from your history lessons. John was on this island of exile for preaching the Gospel of Christ. He would not stop talking about His Lord. They could not shut him up so they put him in chains and transported him to this island where he would no doubt live out his life as poor peasant. God had another plan for Johns life. Even when we are in our last minute of hope and all is lost, God comes through and changes our plans.

John was stopped in the middle of his worship service by the ONE who John was worshiping. How do you like that! God told John what to write. He told him to write it to a group of people and God told him what to say.

Let me warn all of you that the Bible says that God is going to return in the form of His Son and rescue the church from the world. The church is referred to as the Bride of Christ.

So John begins by writing to 7 different churches in Asia Minor. He warns them of the coming doom and destruction that will soon take place. He spends chapter after chapter telling us of the events that are about to take place:

Rapture of the Church/Christians

Tribulation. Anti-Christ will rule for 7 years. 3.5 years good and another 3.5 years very evil.

Battle of Armageddon

Second Coming of the King of Kings

1000 year reign of Christ.

The Holy Spirit will be taken out of the world. It will be nations against nations. A sad place to be living in. The church is gone. The Christians are gone! An empty void fills the air.

Each of us should study Matthew chapters 24 and 25 to see what some of the events that will take place in the End of Times.

I am not speaking here of fairy tale stories. This is as real as I can explain it to you. This is your warning time. It is not meant to scare anyone, but to make the call of repentance from our sins and start getting back to a proper relationship with God and His Son.

John tells us that each of us----you and me---will stand before God in the Judgment. There are two judgments. One in chapter four and another one in chapter 20. Which judgment do you chose to go through.

Now I have to tell you plainly that before you stand before the throne of judgment it is very wise for you to secure a lawyer. If you do not have a lawyer then you will never have peace of mind in this world. Right now you do have a choice in the matter. It really is up to you and you alone.

Do you have a lawyer yet? Do you know which judgment you want to go through yet? I promise you, you will in the next 15 minutes when you see the difference between these two chapters. If you are undecided or you just do not know what the difference is then please listen with an open view of what is about to happen.

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