Summary: "Rejoice in the Lord" is not a request but a command!

1. Philippians 4:4 tells us to “Rejoice in the Lord.” This is not a request but a command.

a. Like telling your child, “You are going to have a great time.”

b. This is what God is telling us, rejoice and be joyful.

2. Now rejoicing has nothing to do with feelings.

a. We do not rejoice in the circumstances.

b. We do not rejoice in the financial situations.

c. We do not rejoice in our good health.

d. We rejoice in the Lord!

3. Philippians 4:7; peace of God.

a. There is a huge difference between peace of God and the peace of man.

b. You can have peace with God and not have the peace of God.

c. You can not have the peace of God, without having peace with God.

4. Peace with God has nothing to do with your daily experience.

5. The peace of God has everything to do with your daily life. Colossians 3:15; Hebrews 12:11

a. Peace with God has to do with your position in Christ.

b. Peace of God has to do with your practical side of life.

6. Every great truth of God’s word has two facets to it.

a. The position in Christ.

1) Romans 5:1

2) The war has come to an end. Romans 8:1

3) Every saved person has peace with God, but not every saved person has the peace of God.

b. The practical; the Holy Spirit

1) The Holy Spirit comes to help me have the peace of God.

2) He helps me to be righteous in my daily life.

7. The peace of God can be best described as God’s own peace.

a. Peace which God Himself possess.

b. This has to do with what is in your heart.

c. The inner calmness feeling that God is in control.

8. Can you imagine God in a panic, uptight, fretful, and anxious?

9. Remember the peace that Jesus had as he faced the cross.

a. John 14: 27; never a time in the life of Jesus when he did not have and show peace.

b. Do you have this kind of peace?

c. Does the least little thing upset you? Does it cause you to push the panic button? Do you feel sometimes that everything gets tangled up in your life?

10. All of us have peace with God and I am sure all of us want the peace of God.

a. Let me tell you a secret: God is not stingy. He wants to give me all that He has.

b. Fellowship, partners, 1 John 1:3-4

11. Let’s look at the word peace.

a. First, it passes all understanding known to man.

b. Second, you can not obtain this peace by the power of positive thinking, nor can this peace be destroyed by our thinking.

c. Shall keep your heart and mind. The word keep is a military meaning.

1) It means to build a fort around.

2) To stand guard over.

12. What Paul is saying, “If you will do, fulfill two or three obligations, this peace of God will come and build a fort, be a guard around your heart and mind.”

a. I need that.

b. It only comes through Christ Jesus.

13. I want to give you this formula then say a few words about it.

I. Christ’s Presence

1. Verse 5; “The Lord is at hand.”

2. It makes a lot of difference who is near you as to your peace.

a. It is true with wildlife.

b. It is true with us.

3. In time of sickness, it makes a difference who is near.

a. Wife

b. Mother

4. Paul in a Roman prison, writes, “Rejoice for the Lord is at hand.”

5. Where are you at tonight? Full of doubts in the midst of confusion. Heart breaking sorrow. Listen, the Lord is nearby.

a. Would you be falling like this if Jesus were standing or sitting next to you?

b. Jesus is not going to leave when the going gets tough.

c. Hebrews 13:5-6; Romans 8:38-39; John 14:16

6. The first thing to remember is the presence of Jesus.

a. Psalm 23

b. Psalm 139

II. My Praying

1. Worry about nothing, pray about everything.

2. Don’t worry. Impossible! No, Jesus never asks you to do anything He did not give you the power and strength to do.

3. There are only two thing you can do about a situation: worry or pray. If a thing is big enough to worry about, it is big enough to pray about.

a. Prayer and worry do not mix.

b. They are like oil and water.

c. They are like faith and fretting.

4. Worry is a sin. It is the practical result of unbelief.

5. Everything in the life of man is important to the heart of God.

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