Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series


Christ brings new life when:

Colossians 2:6-7

Many times I failed to Pray and makes a devotion to God far with His presence. This is what I observe during my dryness and without passion to talk with God. My heart in trouble and there is no Peace at all. I always recall my problems and I don’t know on how to deal on it. I never talk with God and never to ask from His favor.Yes I believe in Him but my relationship to Him is not in full time. When I opened my Bible, God gave me another chance to be in His side. I cried to God by my self. I shouted from the depth of my heart and God renewed my good relationship with Him. I read these text Colossians 2:6-7 and i was remembered to FOLLOW CHRIST. It’s true when we follow Christ and willing to submit ourselves to him, He will give us another warmth life and cool life.Following Christ is not enough for it is more better to do it by action. Many Christians told themselves "I will follow Christ," but still their desires was self-centered and never allows Christ to deal with them. Following Christ is like a servant willing to do all things for the seek of His master.Now following Christ is another decision to us on how to give up everything inside of ourself and outside ourself. Put Christ as First Priority. Christ willing to change our life and it is our opportunity to give Him space in our heart and stop argument with Him. Just follow His example: Love, Holy, Compassionate, prayerful, meek and humble. this Christ 2000 years ago. Follow His will and take Him us our controller of our life.If we follow Him He will direct us into proper way.

Another thing from verse 7 PLANT OUR ROOTS IN HIM.This roots is our life between Christ and us. How strengthen our roots to Him? It’s like a tree inside the river, they are flourish and many fruits. this kind of trees even in times of dryness they can survive because of their roots. Be tooted to Christ and He will help us hold every circumstances of our life. We can survive with Christ presence and we can live abundantly to Him. When we root our life to Him even many thunderstorm or the enemy want us to snatch our life to Christ, Christ never leave us because we have a life rooted unto Him. Here are some idea on how rooted our life to Him. READ his Scripture, OBEDIENCE to all His Commands, OPEN heart unto Him and willing to be driven, TRUST God than to ourselves. and SACRIFICE to follow Him even obstacles comes. Plant our roots unto Jesus and he is able to renew our life and to bring Hope.

Last thing from these passage FOUNDED OUR LIFE TO HIM.what would be our foundation? Is our foundation with the connection unto Him or we are being founded in earthly treasures in a moment will decay. Brethren our foundation is in Christ ALONE and no one can neglect the truth. Our Foundation in Christ is not just like a Foundation and yet It’s foundation is a total 100% in Christ driven life. Surrender our self and entrust our dreams to Him because He has better Plan than ourselves.Be a Christ thinker!!! To Him our life is like a Gold and treasures. Gold and treasures can be find in our heart a true heart in serving Jesus there is a reward waiting to us rhere in Heaven. Just put our life with Him and being real with Him then God will be in favor to us.

By the way life is full of Chances and I wish every chances God-given to us, don’t waste it and try to commit our best every single day of our lives.

Hold on to Jesus and He will give as new life when we FOLLOW Him, we PLANT our ROOTS to Him and we FOUNDED our life to Him. Good lack and be always COOL with JEsus.

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