Summary: Christ can do all things if we will let him do them.

1. To Save the Uttermost Heb:12:25


(a) We look at people on drugs and think they don,t stand a chance.

(b) We look at a killer thinking they need to die.

(c) We look at the Harlot and think she can,t stop

(d)If we will look at the word God can do all things.

2.Christ is able to succor in our temptation. Heb:11-18


(a) God has a way out for us

(b)God can and will move mountains

(c) God is our help in time of troubles

(3)His great wisdom can keep us from stumbling. Jude 24


(a) His word is our light

(b)His Spirit is our guide

4.Christ is able to subdue all things Phil;3-21


(a)His son is our help

(b)His word is our guide

(c)His saints our side kicks to lean on

By his blood and power

As a shepherd and advocate

As Lord and King

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