Summary: Christ my Contentment

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Reading: Philippians chapter 4 verses 1-11:


Meaningless words:

• (1). Kathy’s children’s cough medicine contains this warning:

• “Do not drive a car or operate machinery after taking this medication”

• (2). Boots hairdryer:

• “Do not use while sleeping!”

• (3). Marks & Spenser’s bread pudding:

• “Product will be hot after heating!”

• (4). Our Christmas lights from B&Q contain this helpful information:

• “For indoor and outdoor use only”

• (5). Sainsbury’s peanuts;

• “Warning product contains nuts!”


• Samuel Clement (better known by his alias Mark Twain);

• Attended a Sunday morning services.

• He met the pastor at the door afterward and told him;

• That he had a book at home with every word the pastor had preached that morning.

• The minister said, impossible and assured him that the sermon was an original.

• Clement (Mark Twain) still held his position.

• The pastor wanted to see this book so Clement said he would send it over in the morning.

• When the preacher unwrapped it,

• And looked at the book that contained every word the pastor had preached that morning,

• Mark Twain sent him a dictionary and in the flyleaf was written this:

"Words, just words, just words."

This weekend I hope these sessions have been more than;

• "Words, just words, just words."

• I believe that these words have the power to change us!

• Quote:

• “Some books inform, some books reform, only the Bible transforms!”

• Now as a Christian I need changing;

• And in these first five verses of chapter 4 there are 5 areas I need help with.

(1). Stability (verse 1):

• Paul’s first request is that these Christians "Stand fast." Or "Stand firm."

• ill: Chart. ill: Yo - yo. (ill: Malarial Christianity).

(2). Harmony (verse 2):

• Paul’s second request is that these Christians have the "Same mind" or "to agree."

• Question: How many conflicts have you had this week?

• We might be out and out arguing:

• But we gossip, talk about people, we speak negative things about them.


• A horse can’t pull while kicking. This fact we merely mention.

• And he can’t kick while pulling, Which is our chief contention.

• Let’s imitate the good old horse And lead a life that’s fitting;

• Just pull an honest load, and then there’ll be no time for kicking.

(3). Joy. (verse 4):

• Paul’s third request is that these Christians;

• "Rejoice in the Lord always" - "Always be full of joy."

• Question: How much laughter you had this week?

• Too many Christians endure their faith instead of enjoying it!


• When missionaries in the northern part of Alaska, where the Eskimos live,

• Were trying to get the Bible translated, they had some difficulty.

• When you go to translate the Bible in any culture,

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