Summary: Seals with eternal security of believer

Hebrews 6

Christ: Our Ebenezer

Dickerson Road Baptist Church 3/26/06 a.m.

Ebenezer : Hebrew word with two meanings: (1) stone of help,(2) A city of the Philistines;1Samuel 4: 1-10, 5:1, 7:10-12.

The church houses a mixed bag. Like a box of assorted delicacies, the church is filled with varying personalities, gifts, interests, and levels of maturity. But assortment is not a problem; it is natural in the dynamic of the body of Christ. The problem arises when the assortment is of a different nature than all the rest. An assortment of different chocolates works well, but if you add a jalapeno pepper to the mixture you realize how distinctly different is the nature of the pepper compared to the chocolates. Differing personalities and gifts within the church are expected; different natures are not.

For centuries Christian leaders have sought to have a regenerate church membership. This theme characterized the early Baptist leaders who had witnessed the confusion of what constitutes a Christian due to the majority who were born into the state church, some of whom later apostatized. Yet the predicament was not new. Even the early church suffered with apostate members. We need only think of Simon Magus in Samaria or Judas Iscariot or Paul’s companion, Demas, to realize that the early church struggled at this point. The Epistle to the Hebrews clearly warns of the problem of apostasy. But when someone uses the word “apostasy” we wonder exactly what is meant by the term. If one comes from an Arminian theological tradition, apostasy implies that one loses his salvation. In the Five Arminian Articles, it is supposed that, “no craft or power of Satan, can” mislead or pluck the believer out of Christ’s hands. However, the article goes on to question whether the Scripture teaches that the believer can himself, through negligence or a return to the world, lose his salvation. The implication is that he possibly can; and the followers of this theological tradition through the centuries have insisted that true believers can become unbelievers through their own negligence [Philip Schaff, The Creeds of Christendom, 548-549, vol. III].

I. Christ is Our Ebenezer of Growth1-3

A. Christian faith is based on Jewish faith and is the fulfillment of it John 4:22.

Christ : Our Ebenezer

B. Repentance and faith are Godward and mark the initiation to the spiritual life; Acts 5:31, 11:18, 20:21.

C. Baptism and the laying on of hands relates directly to the local assembly of believers; Acts 2:41-47,Heb 9:10,1 Peter3:21,Acts 22:16, Romans 6:1-4, Luke 24:50.

D. Resurrection of the dead and the final judgement are future items( Acts 24:14-15, 17 :30-31). Reurrection of the saved John 5:24-29. Resurrection of the lost Rev 20:4-6, 12-15.

II. Christ our Ebenezer of Guaranteed Salvation 4-6

Heb 10:26-39. Apostasy

Vs.6 Fall away GK. parapipto= “To fall alongside”.

Assurance. John 5:24, 10:26-30; Rom 8:28-39.

2 Cor 4:4-6.

III. Christ our Ebenezer of Security vs. 7-20

Gen 22:16-17

Num 35:9

Joshua 20

Heb 7:23-25


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