Summary: The Lord is King of all!

Prayer: Lord we know that you are King of all. There is no doubt in our minds and this is fact. We acknowledge that you reign supreme. In a darken world where there are still so many wanting answers, empower them to find truth in your Word. Lord you are the only Truth we need. Send your Holy Spirit so that every knee will bow and every tongue confess and everyone will know in their heart that you are indeed King of all. And we will praise you and always tell of your goodness everywhere. Amen.


Ever listened to a rumor?

What did you do after listening to the rumor?

How did it make you feel listening to the rumor?

Where you upset, happy or sad when you heard the rumor? (alib)

Did you go and spread the rumor and perhaps even embellish it just a wee bit more?

Did you ever stop a rumor?

Did you ever confront those who kept the rumor going?

Did you ever research all information until the truth presented itself?

If you found the truth did you spread it around or did you keep it to yourself? (alib)

Rumors bring death and destruction to the one of whom the rumor is about and to the one who is weaving the ill fated web of lies.

Often times, I wonder if people really understand that when they are in the act of producing a rumor, they are plotting a murder.

Another Commandment broken. More healing to be done. Lord open or eyes and hearts to receive the Truth.

What is the Truth?

In our Gospel text today, Pilate wanted to know the truth about Christ.

He had heard the rumors, the whispers, the cries from an angry mob, now Pilate needed to know for himself, what all the fuss was about. He had no real time to research, so Pilate left his place of work, his headquarters, the governor’s residence during Passover, to meet the pious group of accusers so that order would be maintained. (alib-The Jews could not enter the courtyards because Pilate was a gentile and to enter a house of one who was defiled would cause one to be defiled and so…. point to the fact that Pilate was unjust,harsh and he needed to riicule any Jewish authority/kingship)

The mob wanted to put Jesus to death no doubt about it and to fulfill the scriptures this is what was needed, but since Pilate was not a Jew, did not follow the Law, knew nothing about the prophesy, was at odds with many,even the ones who brought Jesus to him, he figured he better question the accused just a little more careful, just to cover his tracks.

Pilate knew that if Christ declared himself a king, death was certain. No one, no group ruled but Rome. If Christ stated that His kingdom was within reach of the Roman claimed Empire, it had to be reported and an army/spies would be sent out for that kingdom would have to be conquered.(explian this further)

Pilate ask Jesus, “Are you the King of the Jews?” With humble authority Christ answered with a question, “ Do you ask this on your own, or did others tell you about me?” (Christ knew being humble was required because the goal was to reach Golgatha and die on a cross as oppose to being killed there by a sword.)

Pilate still searching asked (As if he really cared), “What have you done?” going back to the original question Jesus answered him say that His kingdom was not of this world, but of a place one could only imagine and if His kingdom was of this world, He would not be in custody because His followers would not hear of it. But Jesus knew of God’s plan for Salvation and that plan involved a sacrifice and Jesus was "it".

Yes, Jesus stated in those few verse, without, saying it, He was King. Can’t have a Kingdom if you ain’t a King. Rumor solved.

Here is the Truth. (Jesus) Christ is King! He rules with power and might. Yes, He suffered under Pontius Pilate and was crucified, but He rose again so that we, citizens of a fallen humanity would inherit eternal life. This is indeed Good News. News that should be spread faster than early morning gossip.

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