Summary: The Old Testament has so many prophesies of JESUS’ arrival. All were fulfilled with Christ our Messiah. BUT there is yet one prophesy that has to be fulfilled...JESUS IS COMING BACK! Are you READY? for Palm Sunday

Palm Sunday

I had a revelation this morning as I was going over my notes. I had heard that this Easter season is the earliest Easter we will ever experience in our lifetime. The next time Easter week falls this early in

the year will be in several hundred years. Our generation and the next several will not see Easter come this early.

I say that because today, I realized something.

Today is March 16, Palm Sunday.

Palm Sunday. The Day Jesus was introduced to the World as the KING. The Day Jesus was shown as the Victor.

March 16…the Numbers Three and Sixteen (3:16)

Interesting. Palm Sunday 3, 16…

John 3:16. Today, the day we celebrate Palm Sunday. The Day we understand the God Loves us so much that HE sent JESUS that all we need do is Believe and will have life eternal.

Wow! That’s something to think about!

Interesting isn’t it?

Today we celebrate Palm Sunday and we can understand that Jesus IS the Savior and Messiah.

All through the old testament, we see prophesy foretelling of a coming Messiah, the King of Kings.

Throughout our new testament, we see Jesus’ life fulfilling these prophesies time and time again.

Prophesy spoken:

Zechariah 9:9

9 “ Rejoice greatly, O daughter of Zion!

Shout, O daughter of Jerusalem!

Behold, your King is coming to you;

He is just and having salvation,

Lowly and riding on a donkey,

A colt, the foal of a donkey.

Prophesy fulfilled:

Matthew 21:1-11

As we celebrate Palm Sunday, we see Jesus riding on a lowly donkey. Why a donkey and not a stallion?

First we have to understand the time period.

When a king or warrior was going to war, he would ride through the city on a tall white stallion. Showing strength and power, the king would ride through posed and ready for war.

When the king or warrior would return, if in victory, the king would come through the city streets upon a lowly horse. If you can picture this king on a donkey, you will see that he is on the level of the

people. Riding upon a ‘weaker’ animal, as the victory had already been won!

When Jesus entered into the city, he came in upon a lowly donkey…The Victory was already Won!

As folks saw him, I can imagine the excitement of the crowd.

There were those in front of…and behind Jesus, shouting Hosannas and praises.

There were others, who heard and came running…“Who is this? What is all the hoopla about?

I can imagine the children, looking on in wonderment. And running out into the street to see Jesus, then running back to get their friends to not miss out on the event.

The palm branches were broken off the trees and scattered about. Clothes were cast in the road to pave the way. It was excitement and a wonderful time.

But we learn that Jesus, though he rode through, realized that these folks were totally lost. The bible says that Jesus wept for the city and people. Jesus knew what was to come.

And all the while, the folks were expecting their redeemer

The Nation of Israel was looking forward to their King. They were anticipating the arrival of the one prophesied rescue them and save them.

Saw Christ as an Earthly Answer

On a Donkey


Symbolizing Victory

Palms Waved

Coats covering the roadway


Shouting Hosanna

REALIZE – Christ Knew What Was Going On

But they did not understand his purpose. They were looking for an earthly change.

Disciples were all about setting up the Earthly Kingdom

Disciples and people around were only beginning to understand, but saw it with worldly eyes.

Christ entered. They praised him.

On a donkey. Lowly. = Victory

Palm Branches waved fanned the King. Fans

In the old days, Palm branches were used by the servants to Fan the master. We see pictures and paintings of royalty being fanned with these big leaves.

When you see how the palm must go from vertical to horizontal, it is the image of bowing before the one to whom it serves.

Perhaps this is where the word Fan came from..

The very people who fanned where the ones who condemned

These same people on this day Praised Him. But then a few days later, they Cursed Him yelling Crucify Him.

James 3:10 tells us that from the mouth come both blessing and cursing and this should not be…

They did not understand Christ’s Purpose of Redemption

They did not see the whole picture…


But some 2000 years later. We see the bigger picture.

We can look back and see prophesy in Zechariah 9:9. Then we see it fulfilled in Jesus’ Triumphal Entry on this Day we call Palm Sunday.

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