Summary: Christ is the light of the world

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I. Christ in the beginning (V.1)

A) First we see Jesus is eternal

- John did not learn this on his own. He did not read it in some book. This was revealed to him by God directly. “In the beginning was the Word”

- We do see that Moses had a similar revelation directly from God in Genesis 1 “In the beginning God”

B) Second we see that Christ was with God in the beginning

- Christ is not only eternal on his own but He has eternally co-existed with the Father. “ He was in the beginning with God”

- Here we see both in a solid relationship as individuals and as being one God.

- Jesus goes on to say later that “the Father and I are one”

- How can this be

- We need to learn to be comfortable with both not understanding everything and knowing that it was not given to us to know

C) Christ is God

- God has always wanted to dwell with man

- We are His special creation

- This desire of God to dwell with man became known with Israel

- Exo_29:45 I will dwell among the people of Israel and will be their God.

- Exo_29:46 And they shall know that I am the LORD their God, who brought them out of the land of Egypt that I might dwell among them. I am the LORD their God.

- It was true in the garden with Adam

- And it is true today and Christ is the answer to that predicament

- The predicament we find ourselves in because of our sin problem

II. Christ as the Creator (v.3)

A) Christ made all things

- We see in scripture over and over again that Christ is the hands and feet of God.

- When God decides to move something Christ is the mover.

B) Nothing was made without Christ

- Christ made everything in all of creation, the stars the moon the red rocks, the ocean, the weather etc.

- The Creator also became the Savior

- Christ is also the hands and feet, the boots on the ground when it comes to our salvation.

III. Christ is life (v.4)

- When we consider who Christ is and think of Him as God it may seem a bit too much to grasp or even relate to.

- But Christ as life for you and me means that we can know He wants a personal and an individual relationship with you and with me.

- Christ is the source of everything to include our food which is alive, beef cows, deer, elk, and our vegetables like squash, potatoes etc.

- But He is also the source for our physical life, our spiritual life and our eternal lives.

IV. Christ is the light (v.5)

- Christ came to reveal some things to his special creation man

- He came to reveal our sin and our blindness to it.

- It is just like stumbling around in a dark room and you cannot see

- He came to reveal that He is the resolution to that sin problem.

- He made it possible for us to see that we are wandering around in darkness.

- He came to dispel the darkness that surrounds us that we may walk in the light.

- But men have rejected us and Jesus said the do so because they do not want to come to the light.

- It is not because we did not present the light just the right way.

- It is because men love their sin more than they want the light and they choose to stay in their sin.

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