Summary: #2 IN 12 PART SERIES

JAMES 1:19:20

Christian behavior and attitude

Wherefore- know this

Everyman ought to listen intently, not speak rashly, not become angry

James elaborates on his thought for clarification

Because the “petty passions” (anger was seen as destructive and undesirable to Jews)

Work-not “Build up to or allow for”

The righteous of God:

The standard set by God

The righteousness given to us by God

Righteousness displayed before God by believers

Righteousness to come

Human anger does not produce:

Any of these types of righteousness

Lay apart- idea of taking off a piece of clothing and casting it aside.

We are to take off:


Worldly filth

Moral uncleanness

ie: every trace of all wickedness

we must receive: vs.5:17

meekness is a requirement, in contrast to human anger

also a condition of the poor who have come to the end of

self and now wait on God, their last hope.

(Blessed are the meek: for they shall inherit the earth.)

The implanted/engrafted word of God

Received and acted upon

The God who begat you (regenerated) with the word of truth

Has saved your eternal soul with the same word of truth you received at


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