Summary: Exposition of 1 Peter 2:4-5

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Text: 1 Peter 2:4-5

Title: Christian Identity I

Date/Place: LSCC, 7/10/05, AM


A. Opening illustration: State of Maine 2000 census statistics

B. Background to passage: Coming off of his exhortation to desire the Word, specifically the statement about their tasting of the goodness of God, Peter goes into some further implications of the Christian’s relationship to God. He speaks of who they are in Christ.

C. Main thought: In our text we will see three of those truths about our identity in Christ.


A. We are in union with God’s Son (v. 4)

1. The phrase found in this verse seems simple enough, but the word has grand implications. It is a word used for continuous, abiding, intimate fellowship. It refers to the union that believers share with Christ. Theologian, bible teacher, and author Wayne Grudem defines union with Christ like this: “a phrase used to summarize several different relationships between believers and Christ through which we receive the benefits of salvation…including the fact that we are in Christ, Christ is in us, we are like Christ, and we are with Christ.” As Christians we are in Christ, and He is in us. We have been raised with Christ. We have new life in Christ. All our actions are done in Christ. And corporately we are one with Christ. This is something that theologians refer to as the “mystical union” because we can’t explain it all. All that we know is what is revealed in Scripture. But what is there is spectacular.

2. Col 1:27, Gal 2:20, 2 Cor 5:17, Rom 6:1-4, Eph 2:5, Rom 8:17, 11x in 1 John “abide in him”

3. Illustration: symbiotic relationships are never based on anything but self-interest, in a marriage you grow in unity, beginning as two separate individuals, and hopefully attaining a state where you think similar, talk similar, walk similar, and dream similar,

4. We must remember who we are. The center of the Christian life is being in Christ. God is most glorified when we are in Christ. Because we have been brought into the fullness of God’s purposes in Christ. We are of great value and worth, because we are in Christ. We have access to the greatest resource ever in Christ. We are made alive, real life in Christ. In Him, we are made heirs to every promise, and secured that they will come to pass. We have constant fellowship with God in Christ. We are free from condemnation in Christ. We are permanently connected to the love of God in Christ. Our sanctification and justification is found in Christ. In fact, in Him we become the righteousness of God. We are sealed in Him permanently securing our glorification. Our hope, joy, refreshing, and encouragement are found in Christ. We can triumph over every situation, every enemy, and every circumstance in Christ. We have been brought near to God in Christ. We find forgiveness, and grant forgiveness in Christ. We stand in strength, boldness, confidence, and protection in Christ. All our needs will be supplied in Christ; in fact, we are enriched by him. We are completed in Christ. We will reign with Him eternally.

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