Summary: The freedom that comes from being In Christ is great! However, this freedom comes with obligations.

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Romans Series Mitchell Skelton

Christian Obligations

Romans 13:1–14


One of the most common dreams that people in America share is that of owning their own business. No more nine to five, no boss standing over your shoulder, freedom to work how you want, when you want. Once you finally make that step into business ownership, it feels great. Being your own boss is kind of nice. However, soon comes the realization that you have certain obligations that cannot be ignored. Sure you can work as little as you want, but can you do that and still put food on the table? You have obligations that must be met to keep up with government regulations. Your employees expect certain things from you. Sure there’s no more nine to five, now its more like five to nine. No boss over your shoulder anymore but now greater obligations hold your feet to the fire, your own survival, your employees jobs, your banker.

Throughout Romans, Paul has made it clear that although we cannot work our way to heaven by earning our salvation, works are necessary. The Christian has certain obligations that must be met, God expects us to meet them.


I. We have an obligation to our country. Romans 13:1–7

A. All authority is established by God.

1. God’s servant to do good.

2. God’s agent of wrath.

B. We owe the government.

1. Taxes

2. Respect

3. Honor

II. We have an obligation to our neighbor. Romans 13:8–10

A. All of God’s moral commands can be kept if you “love you neighbor as yourself.”

1. Christians are obligated to each other and to those around them.

2. Galatians 6:10

B. Who is my Neighbor? (Parable of the Good Samaritan) Luke 10:25–37

III. We have an obligation to ourselves. Romans 13:11–14

A. It’s time to wake up! Eph. 5:8–17

B. We must put on the Armor of Light. Eph. 6:10–13

C. We must clothe ourselves with Christ. Galatians 3:27


The freedom that comes from being In Christ is great! However, this freedom comes with obligations. As Christians who long to see Heaven some day we should fulfill all our obligations as Christ would have us to do. Matt. 5:41 Go the extra mile.

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