Summary: This message focuses on the example that Jesus gave us when interacting with people who are living in sin and the contradictions that the Church exhibits when dealing with the sins of heterosexuals versus homosexuals. We must have the same standard.

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Part 2

Scriptures: John 8:2-11; 1 Corinthian 6:9-10


This is part two of my message I’ve titled “Christian.” Last week I shared with you the comments made by two pastors in reference to the Orlando shooting and how they were happy about it. I told you that some people who heard these comments were so offended that they no longer wanted to be identified as a Christian because of the image that the world is developing of Christianity. In part one I shared with you that the label Christian does not adequately define the Christians who were originally given that label some two thousand years ago. The original Christians were actually “disciples” who by definition followed the teachings of Christ without variances. In other words, they interpreted Christ’s teachings and lived their lives in the manner in which He wanted them to. Two-thousand years ago Christians were the followers of Christ. Today, because of all of the variances within Christianity, the label is used to describe those who associate with the cultural aspects of Christianity, irrespective of personal religious beliefs or practices. This is the reason we can have people who calls themselves Christian support violence against others who might not believe or behave the way that they do. Today some Christians are so loosely aligned to what the Word of God says that they are allowing their acceptance of His Word to be dictated to us by society and this is a problem. During our prayer circle last week my daughter shared a discussion that was happening on social media. The discussion was about the mother who supposedly killed her two teenaged daughters because they were dating boys outside of their race. Some posts congratulated the mother and said that God honored her decisions because the Bible clearly states that you should not marry outside of your race. This represents another example of Christian beliefs that could be assigned to all Christians.

In my message last week I shared with you that the issue surround the LGBT community and Christianity comes back to the belief of sin – is the gay/lesbian lifestyle a sin in the eyes of God? Some Christians believe that it is, but someone living that lifestyle will still go to heaven. Other Christians believe that it is a sin and they will not go to heaven. Finally some believe that it is not a sin at all “today” because God accepts everyone. I want to share with you two conversations that I had this week with two individuals who are not members of this Church. The question that I was asked is this: “Is there a difference between someone living a gay/lesbian lifestyle and being told they are going hell versus someone who is a member of the Church, singing in the choir, preaching God’s words and are having sex outside of marriage whether it’s adultery or fornication? Their follow-up question was – why can one be saved and participate in Church leadership and the other can’t?” These are very good questions that should be on all of our minds when we think about what we believe. You see, part of our problem is that we do delineate between sins when it comes to who is actually committing them. So my initial response to her was a question pertaining to her last question. I asked her why she thought the church goer who was living in sin was saved. When she just looked at me, I told her how when Jesus interacted with “sinners” He did not condemn them but He did tell them to “go and sin no more. Let’s look at a couple of examples.

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