Summary: An exegesis of Hebrews 1:2,3 showing the superiority of the religion of Jesus Christ over all other religions of man

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“Christianity Is the Greatest” - Hebrews 1:2,3


Is Christianity really so different than all the other religions of the world? What makes us Christians believe that the religion of Christ is so unique? Is it not just another way to heaven? The reality is that since the Bible is the only legitimate and provable Word of God, we must look to it as our only authority. Those who look to the Koran, the book of Mormon, etc. will have no reason to accept the facts of the Bible. They are like the guy I ran into years ago, who, when talking to him about the Bible, said, “I know what I believe and you are trying to confuse me with the facts.” In his Freudian slip of the tongue he revealed what he was thinking in his heart. The facts of the Bible are these about Christianity:

A. Christianity Has The Greatest Chronicles - v.2a "has in these last days"

The word "has" is past tense. This means it is a completed action in history. What is it that is completed? The writer is getting to that.

B. Christianity Has The Greatest Communicator - v.2b "spoken to us"

Is this ongoing revelation? No, but God does still speak through his Word. Like Abel still speaks thru his blood, God still speaks to us thru what he revealed to his apostles. The point of this phrase is that the same God that spoke to the prophets of old, speaks to us today; and since that God is the same, the two revelations must harmonize.

C. Christianity Has The Greatest Commander - - v.2c "by His Son"

It literally says "in a son." You ask, what difference does it make? A lot. The word "His" (NKJ/NIV) and "the"(KJV) are not in the original languiage. They were supplied by the translators to help it be more understandable. (It is a shame when translators try to help God out, because in doing so they mess with His original intent). The word "a" should be there. Notice in verse one that the word "the" comes before the word "prophets?" This is because the article "the" always speaks of a class; whereas if the article is removed it refers to the nature or quality of that noun. The prophets are viewed as a group, while Jesus is viewed as a person of superior quality.

So, the writer’s point is that God spoke to a certain class of men called prophets, when delivering His Old Testament revelation. But, when delivering His final revelation to man, he spoke through One who was of the same nature as Himself. (John 16:13,14 gives more info.) Any further revelation must therefore be delivered by someone greater than God. All of these so-called "modern-day" revelations are an insult to God! Who could possibly listen to them!?

ILLUSTRATION: Imagine at Mt. Sinai with all the lightning, thunder, smoke and the threat of death to any person or animal that even came close to the mountain, and how the people shuddered with fear as God was soon to speak His commandments. How would it 8have been, if, after God had spoken through Moses, and Moses had come down and shown the people the tablets, that someone had stepped forward and said "Well, thank you God for the revelation of your will, now let me just add a few words. I don’t think 10 are quite enough. Here, let me add number eleven.” What would have happened to such a man? Why everyone agrees that such a man would have been swallowed up by the earth for his heresy - not to mention arrogance. No one at that point would have even, in their wildest imaginings, would dare think of doing such a thing. And that was the law through Moses! How much worse it will be, when God has spoken through Jesus, His son, who is deity, for those who have stepped forward and added such writings as, the Book of Mormon, the Koran, the Pearl of Great Price, etc., etc.

Let all the world keep our mouths shut in silence before the ultimate and final revelation from God. Jesus himself illustrated this in Mt.21 in the parable of the king who sent servants and the people killed them, and he said surely if I send my son, they will listen to him, and when the son arrived, they killed him too! The word from a servant of the king carries a lot of weight, but what about a personal word from the Kings Son? People had better listen closely to the Son.

POINT: Since the quality of the one delivering the New Testament revelation is far superior, it would follow that the revelation would also be superior. And it is. The writer is already teaching the Christians there, that if they go back to the Old Testament system, they are going back to the inferior.

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