Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: In this message I just wanted to expose the differences between Christianity & Islam. It’s not us vs them, God loves them, we got to pray for them, and help win them to Christ.

Christianity VS Islam

Tonight, I want to talk about what Muslims believe, and how it’s different from what we believe. Muslims say that there is just one God, but tonight we are going to be talking about the difference between Jehovah and Allah.

I What Does Islam And Muslim Mean?

A) Col 2:4-10

B) The word Islam means submission

C) The word Muslim means one who submits to the teachings of Islam

D) How many knows we need to be submissive to Jesus Christ?; the followers of Islam are submissive to the teachings of Mohammed.

II How Do We Know the Islam Being Presented To The World Is A Fake And A Danger To All?

A) Because they deny that Jesus is the Son Of God.

1. They deny His deity.

2. Col 2: 9 & 10

3. They deny that Jesus is God; They believe He was a prophet. One of many prophets of Allah.

4. Confession of faith for a Muslim is, “There is no God but Allah, and Mohammed is His prophet.

5. The Muslim God is unapproachable by sinful man. He is so perfect and holy that He can only

Communicate through angels & prophets.

6. They believe that Jesus could not be God because He was a man, and man is sinful.

7. They believe that God cannot associate among men.

B) They Deny That God’s Promises Were Fulfilled In Jesus

1. Muslims trace their roots back to Ishmael. Ishmael was firstborn of Abraham through Hagar.

2. They believe that Mohammed being a descendent of Ishmael is the fulfiller of God’s promises.

3. It is through Isaac that your offspring will be reckened

4. They believe that Mohammed is grater than Jesus, because he is out of Ishmael, and Ishmael was

Greater than Isaac because he was the firstborn.

C) They Deny Jesus Purpose

1. What was Jesus purpose? To reveal the Father, to die for all of mankind, and to seek and save the


2. Muslims deny this. They say His purpose was to just teach the ways of God, to be a spokesperson

Of God, and that is it.

3. They say that as Jesus taught the ways of God, they ended up getting saved so they could go to


4. Their heaven and our heaven is totally different, although both religions agree with what hell will

Be like. A lake of fire, torment, they believe in the devil.

5. The Koran teaches that heaven is a place of gluttony and sexual gratification. Their heaven is a

Place where sensual women have been created for the pleasures of each man; they will drink

Wine and have delicious liquor. ( This doesn’t say anything about women accept those who

Have been created to pleasure men)

6. The Bible teaches that heaven is going to be a place that has no sun or moon, but the glory of the

Lord will fill heaven. The gate of heaven has beautiful gem’s and precious stones. The streets are

Made of the purest gold. Heaven is a place where you will find men and women of all nations, all nationalities and colors. (Racists will be in trouble) There are families and mansions. We are

Going to see the river of water of life, clear as crystal, coming from the throne of God. We will

See the tree of life, and be able to eat this precious fruit. (Revelation 21 & 22)

D) They Deny That He Came In The Flesh

1. Moslems believe that God can’t come in the flesh

2. 1 John 4:1-3

E) They Deny That Jesus Is The Final Revelation Of God.

1. Revelation 1:11/ Revelation 22: 13

I am the Alpha & the Omega, the beginning and the End, the first and the last.

2. Muslims believe that Mohammed is the seal of prophecy, which means both the final prophet and

The validation of earlier prophets from Adam to Jesus.

3. Mohammed was a prophet after Jesus, 600 years after Christ.

F) Islam denies the blood of Jesus

1. They reject the charge of sin

2. They teach that mankind is not prone to sin, basically all are good

3. Romans 3: 23

For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.

4. They say that we don’t sin until after puberty

5. Every Muslim hopes to escape the judgement of Allah

G) The Five Pillars Of Their Faith

1. Repetition of confession of faith. The declaration of Allah is the only God and Mohammed is His


2. Five daily prescribed prayers 5 times per day, facing the city of Mecca

3. Almsgiving to the poor

4. Fasting during Muslim Holy month of Ramadan (This is actually during the Jewish Holiday called

The Feast of Trumpets) They fast from 6 AM To 6PM daily for a month

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