Summary: Examines the differing fouondations people can build their lives on.


On May 4th, just 2 months ago, the Lambro family woke to find the backyard of their Windermere home gone. Over night a sinkhole had formed that grew to more than 100 x 50 feet and swallowed a hammock and 4 trees.

Last month, on June 21st, Susan Minutillo left her house to run a few errands. When the 79 yo lady returned a ½ hour later, she found emergency vehicles at her home and soon discovered that 70% of her home had been swallowed by a sink hole during the brief time she was gone.

Just last week, on July 6th, a 6-year-old girl in Chiefland, FL felt the ground in her backyard get soft beneath her. Before she knew it, she had fallen to the bottom of a 15 foot sinkhole. She was able to grab some roots and pull herself out, but remained shocked for some time.

Let’s face it; the ground beneath us is unsteady and uncertain. We live in a state that is known for its sinkholes. Many of the lakes and ponds in our state were formed by sinkholes. Without bedrock on which to build, we never know how long our homes and buildings will last.

What is true of Florida buildings is also true of peoples’ lives. We must be certain, we must be sure about what we build our lives on. We must be sure that the values we hold dear and the things that we value will stand the test of time. I believe that is the point Jesus makes in Matthew chapter 7 when He warns us to build on the solid ground.

- Matthew 7:13-29

In this passage, Jesus talks about 2 different gates and 2 paths, 2 trees with 2 different fruit, and 2 houses built on 2 very different foundations. To some extent, He uses these comparisons to discuss the same thing. They are pictures of what true salvation and true Christians look like, as opposed to those who have either been deceived or have deceived themselves.

This morning we want to look primarily at the builders. You know, in the last 6 verses, we see builders who have a great deal in common.


1. Both hear His words. – In this illustration, Jesus tells us about two people who both hear His words. He doesn’t use this opportunity to discuss people in Christian countries and those who are not. He is talking about people who have the same opportunities and have heard the same Gospel. They both hear His words. That would include all of you here today, a large portion of the people in this country, and many people around the world. They all have that in common. They have heard His words.

2. Both build houses – They have a second similarity. Both of the people Jesus is describing build houses. Both of these people build lives, which is what Jesus is talking about when He discusses the houses.

Both men hear His word and they both build houses. They have another similarity as well; both people build in the same general area.

3. They both build in the same general area – We know they build in the same general area because a storm, maybe the same storm, hits them both. They probably live in the same town. They attend the same church together. Their children play ball together. They shop at the same grocery store, eat at the same restaurants, and are stuck in traffic on the same roads.

4. They both have storms come in their lives – Everyone has storms in their lives. …

5. Another thing they have in common is that they build the same general houses. Jesus is not comparing people who on the outside look very different. He is not, here, comparing those who persecute Christians and those who love them. He is comparing people who both profess to be His followers.

Their houses look very similar on the outside much like wheat and tares look very similar.

These folks have a great deal in common. They both hear His words, they both build houses, they build in the same general area, and they build houses that look very similar from the outside. But, sadly, that is where the similarity ends, because they have one great difference. Their foundations are very different.


I grew up around construction and building material people. My family, for several generations, was in lumber and building materials.

In 1998 we opened a new hardware store in Lake Mary. I ran it from the time it opened, until I went to seminary. Part of my responsibility was to try to build business and expand our customer base, so for a while I went around and visited a lot of construction sites.

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