Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: Christians can overcome anything because 1. God is for them!, 2. God has given them everything they need!, 3. God sees them perfect in Christ!, 4. Jesus is always praying for them!, and 5. God’s love will never fail for them!

Show “swoosh logo”…… What does this stand for??

Does anyone know what NIKE means??

Basically, Nike is Greek for victor!

Now, did you know that NIKE is in the Bible?

Look at the front of your bulletin. Our Scripture of the Week is Romans 8:37.

Let us commit to memorize this verse. Let us say it together shall we………

You see, the Greek word for more than conquerors is hupernikao or hupernike! What do you think huper means? Huper is hyper or super! Christians are Super Conquerors! And yes, some of us are more hyper than super!

In any case Christians are more than conquerors!

And conqueror means victor, a winner, an overcomer.

Why is it that most Christians don’t see themselves this way?

We Christians Are More Than Conquerors!

Let’s learn more about this from Romans 8; open your Bibles there.

Let us commit to God’s Word with prayer..

Read along with me Romans 8:31-39….

Why are Christians Super Victors in life?

God through the Apostle Paul answers this question with awesome truths!

Therefore, as Christians claim these truths from Romans 8:31-39, they can experience a super victorious life!

And so what are these truths that we need to claim?

v31: No one can go against the Christian! Why?

Verse 31 starts with a fantastic truth: God is FOR the Christian!

We noted last week that God is continually at work for the Christian, perfecting them to be like Jesus Christ! Christians have God on their side!

And who is this God? He is the God of the Bible, the Creator of everything, the controller and sustainer of everything, the Only Wise God, Holy, Perfect in Love, Joy, and Peace! No one can go against the God of the Bible and win. God is a mighty fortress. And this God is for the Christians; therefore, Christians should be victorious in life, shouldn’t they?

And what does v32 tell us? God has given everything good for the Christian, including the Son of God! God has given all for the Christian; therefore, a Christian should be victorious in life! Isn’t it interesting that many Christians are still wanting when God has given them everything? Is it really healthy for people to get everything they want??

Parents, a side note: Many times, it is not healthy for your kids to get what they want! Parents, provide for your children’s needs but be careful with their wants!

Now look again at verse 33; it tells us that no one can bring any charge against a Christian! Why? – because Christians are already justified!

What does it mean to be justified? Our Process of Salvation Chart can be of help here again. Justification is a legal term. A person who believes that Jesus Christ died on the cross for their sins and Jesus is their only God is on the side of salvation headed for heaven with Almighty God!

A Christian’s belief in Christ secures them from any charges or eternal judgment. This is called eternal security! And of course, those who do not believe in Jesus Christ are constantly charged and will be eternally judged along with all evil; this is called eternal insecurity!

Right now, are you eternally secured or eternally insecure?

Only true Believers of Christ are right and just before God now and forever!

Christians should be victorious in life!

And what does v34 tell us? Jesus Christ who died for people’s sin but rose from the dead is alive and is at the moment at the right hand of God! This Jesus Christ is interceding for the Christian before the Almighty God! The Lord Jesus Christ is constantly speaking to God on behalf of the Christian; therefore, a Christian should be victorious in life!

And is there anything that can separate the love of God for the Christian?

Look again at v38-39……

Nothing can separate God’s love for the Christian!

The love of God is always there for the Christian; therefore, a Christian should be victorious in life!

God tells us we can experience a victorious life!

Are we all experiencing a victorious life?

First of all, where does a victorious life come from? Victory only comes from the Almighty God. If you’re a sinner against God and have not been forgiven, you’re an enemy of God! All of us have sinned against God. The only question is “have we personally received the forgiveness of sins by believing in Jesus Christ?”

If you desire to have a victorious life, you must first of all believe that Jesus Christ is your only Savior and only God! Jesus said in John 10:10, “I came that they may have life, and have it abundantly.”

For those of us who are already believers of Jesus Christ but not sensing this abundant life promised by Jesus, what must we do?

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