Summary: exposition on Matt ch7


Matthew 7 v. 15 - 29 Beware of:-

1. False prophets v. 15 - 20 Jesus speaks of a :-

(a) A dangerous crowd "beware" - they exist, have existed in the past, and will exist in the future.

(b) A deceitful crowd "wolves in sheeps clothing" - disguised as genuine.

(c) A deadly crowd "inwardly they are ravening wolves" - ie " they steal, they kill and they destroy."

(d) A doomed crowd v. 19 "they are to be hewn down and cast into the fire" i.e.without reservation.

(e) A discovered crowd v. 20 "by their fruits", by their words, their works, their walk, and their witness ye shall know them.

2. False professions v. 21 - 23 - Why? not all who profess to be saved are saved.

(a) The revelation i.e. false profession exists - "not everyone that saith, Lord, Lord"

(b) The requirements v. 21 "he that keeps on doing my Father’s will"

(c) The remorse v. 22 "many" Shown :-

(1) By whom? - professors

(2) When? judgement day

(3) Why? "have we not prophesied?"

(A) They had prophesied God’s Plan

(B) They had proclaimed God’s Precepts

(C) They had preached God’s Principles teach, refute, reprove, & admonish

(D) They had performed as God’s prophets and discharged the office of a prophet

(d) The reward v. 23 "then will I profess unto them, I never knew you".

The following inscription is in Lubeck Cathedral " thus speaketh Christ our Lord unto us, you call me Master and obey me not, you call me light and see me not, you call me wise and follow me not, you call me fair and love me not, you call me rich and ask me not, you call me eternal and seek me not, if I condemn you, blame me not".

3. False prospects v. 24 - 27 Remember there are :-

(a) Two kinds of people v. 24

(1) Those who hear and do

(2) And Those who hear and don’t do

(b) Two kinds of foundation v. 24

(1) The rock (stands)

(2) The sand (sinks)

(c) Two kinds of building v. 25

(1) The house that stands the test

(2) And the house that fails the test.

(d) Two kinds of result v. 25 either rejoicing " it fell not " or v. 27 or remorse and ruin "great was the fall of it "

4. False precepts v. 28 "the people were astonished at His doctrine".Note:-

(a) v. 28 The commotion of the people v. 28 " they were astonished at His doctrine"

(b) v. 29 The conclusion of the people -" he was one who had authority "

(c) v. 29 The comparison of the people - " he was not as the scribes."

On what are you building by brother, your hopes of an eternal home

Is it the loose shifting sand, or the firm solid rock,

you are trusting for the ages to come?

Hearing and doing we build on the Rock, hearing alone, we build on the sand,

Both will be tried by the storm and the flood, only the rock, the trial will stand.

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