Summary: Christmas Eve devotional that shares with us the Good News that 1. God reaches down. 2. God reaches out. 3. God receives all who call on His Name!

Scripture: Luke 2:1-20

Theme: Christmas Eve

Proposition: God reaches down. God reaches out. God receives all who call on His Name!


Grace and peace to you from God our Father and His Son Jesus Christ our Savior and LORD!

A rather grumpy husband and wife were having their annual Christmas Eve argument. Each year it was the same argument; she wanted him to go with her and the children to church while he just wanted to stay home and relax. She believed that a family should go to church on Christmas Eve. She enjoyed getting all the family dressed up, pile in the car and drive out to the church to hear a message about Christ's birth.

It had been like this for years. Neither rain, sleet, hot weather or cold weather would deter her ambitions. Even the occasional snow would not dampen her resolve. She was determined to have her family each year be at church either on Christmas eve or Christmas day. It had become one of her family traditions.

Each year her husband would argue for the opposite scenario. Christmas Eve was a part of his time off from work and having to go somewhere. He was tired and who wants to go out late at night and be with a bunch of religious types. In his mind church was full of a bunch of hypocrites to say the least. Oh, well, he thought, it can't last too long. The service would at most last only an hour or two and then he could be back in sweats watching TV and drinking egg nog.

As he got ready for the service the man starting thinking about everything that he would experience that evening. It got him to thinking all kinds of questions. Why do they have to sing the same songs each year? Year after year it is the same ones; Silent Night, Away in the Manger and Joy to the World. You would think that they could at least change it up every other year. Don't they know that this was one of his only services of the year? Couldn't they realize that and sing something new?

What is with the candles? Three purple ones and that pink one with the white one in the middle. Even he could figure out that there was no symmetry in that arrangement. What about replacing them with some red and green candles. Everyone knew that Christmas was red and green, so where is the red and green candles? How about making one or two of them orange or blue and gold? I mean at Easter they at least have all those eggs different colors.

And what is it with those readings from the Bible. Again, each year the same ones. Either that one from Matthew or that one that Linus reads in that Charlie Brown Christmas Special. Why not read a passage from that scary book, Revelation? Or from one of those other ones like Genesis or that one that has all those battles, Joshua? Now, reading about a battle or two, that would be the way to get more men in church on Christmas Eve. If nothing else what about the story of that guy who gets the funny hair cut or that sling shot kid who killed that giant?

Oh, well he thought, I shouldn't complain. It's not like I really support the place and I guess they can't go all out for a guy that is going to be at best there only a couple times a year. Now. let's see, I wonder if I put up such a fuss maybe I can still get out of it. At worst maybe I can just go in a pair of sweats and an old T-shirt. I mean after all, I am missing out on some great TV and snacks.

Hopefully, tonight that was not what happened in your home. Hopefully, you are here with your loved ones ready to celebrate and worship Jesus Christ our Savior and LORD. Hopefully, you are ready to join millions of people who will be sitting in pews, benches and chairs all over the world to rejoice in the birth of Jesus Christ the Savior of the world.

Christmas Eve or Christmas Day services can be difficult for the occasional attendee. For most of the time we do sing the same songs and read the same portions of scripture. And more often than not the decor looks the same year after year after year.

However, none of that is by accident. It all happens by divine design. This evening we should not be ashamed of our music, our scripture or our decor. All of it is done with the sole intention of focusing not on us humans but on the birth of our Savior Jesus Christ. All of it is done to help us worship and praise God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

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