Summary: Christmas didn't begin in Bethlehem.

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Text: Luke 2:1-10


A. Christmas Is the Season of Wonders.

(1) It holds the wonder of the Virgin Birth (Isa. 7:14).

(2) It holds the wonder of the angels (to Mary, Joseph, and he shepherds).

(3) It holds the wonder of the Incarnation (Phil. 2:5-7).

B. Christmas Was Observed in Times of Persecution.

(1) Here we talk freely of these wonders and ought do do.

(2) Persecution of Christians is increasing around the world.

(3) Persecuted believers have sometimes had to code their beliefs.

C. A Coded Nursery Rhyme Was Composed for Christmas


A. Mary Had a Little Lamb.

1. "And she brought forth her firstborn son"

2. Christmas didn't begin in Bethlehem.

(a) God's promise to send His Son goes back to Eden (Gen.3:15).

(b)Christmas was foreshadowed in Abel's first offering of a lamb.

3. John the Baptist would says, "Behold the Lamb of God" (John1:29).

(a) No wonder shepherds were first at the manager and were the first evangelists.

(b) Christians are headed for heaven, where the Lamb is worshiped.

4. The Lamb is the light in the holy city (Rev.21:23)

5. Those in heaven have their names in theLamb's Book of Life(Rev. 21:27).

B. His Fleece Was White as Snow.

1. "And wrapped him in swaddling clothes"

2. In the Bible, White is the colour of holiness.

(a) Sinners come to Christ to have their sins washed white(Isa. 1:18).

(b) Lost people are to be judged before the Great White Throne(Rev. 20:11).

3. There are no racial implications in white being the colour of holiness.

(a) People of all colour are sinners(Rom.3:23).

(b) People were all made of one blood (Acts 17:26)

(c) People of all races are descendants of Adam ...then Noah.

4. The sinless One wrapped white (following the Cross) makes sinners clean.

C. Everywhere That Mary Went the Lamb Was Sure to go.

1. "And laid him in a manger"

2. The manager speaks of the availability of Christ to all.

(a) Jesus came to seek and save the lost (Luke 19:10).

(b) He is able to save all who come to Him (Heb. 7:25).

3. Those who belong to Christ will never be alone.

(a) "Lo,I am with alway" (Matt.28:18-20).

(b) "I will never leave thee nor forsake thee" (Heb.13:5).

(c) All through life He is with us; then we go to be with Him (Ps. 23)



A. The Gospel Is So Simple It Can Be Coded in a Nursery Rhyme.

B. Childlike Faith in Christ Assures Us of Heaven.

C. Receive the Lamb and Enjoy His Fellowship Forever

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