Summary: What Christmas is all about?

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All of us loves gifts. But Christmas is not about gifts. It is not about Saint Clause. It is not about a party or even eating much. Christmas is about Someone coming to save us. Salvation is the theme of Christmas! In Luke 1:31 the Name of the Savior is Jesus. Jesus means "the Lord saves" or "the Salvation of the Lord". He was born to save us to the glory of the Father! He came to rescue us! Halleluyah! We could not help ourselves! Jesus is our Lifesaver! We were far from God, yet He became Immanuel! Now God is not against us, He is God with us! He is not againts us anymore, now He is with us! That is the meaning of Christmas! No longer you have to feel lonely for Jesus, who is The Godman is eternally with you! He is in your Favor! He does not have bad intentions against you! Some argue that birthdays are sinful acts. But where is that in the Bible? Why not celebrate the birthday of our King? For the important thing is the purpose for which He came! He came to save us for His Glory! Those are the Good News! So, even if your relatives forget about you in this Christmas, even if nobody gives you a gift, even if nobody calls you, never forget that He came to seek you. Never forget, oh child of God, that He is with you. The reality is that Christmas is not about giving gifts. We would save some money if we undertood that. We could save some bugs if we just come to celebrate Jesus. Now, i am not againts gifts. If you can give, then give, but don't forget the center of Christmas: Christ. Christ is Christmas. But from what Jesus came to save us? From hell, from the curse of the law, from sin, from the world, from self, from the flesh, from our selfishness, and from our sinful mindsets. He came to rescue us from our enemies, to protect us. Is not that beautiful? You say but what about God's glory? Well, God gets the glory in saving us! He is the superstart! He is the Superheroe! He is the Knight of the Cross that came to rescue from the dragon of the devil! Christmas is about God's Grace! People today don't like to say: merry Christmas. They just say: season greetings, or xmas. They are trying to x out Christ out of His own birth. Some cant stand the idea that Christmas is about God's rescue mission. He was born to give testimony of the Truth, the Invisible Reality. Pontious Pilate asks: what is truth? Truth Himself was standing in front of him. Jesus was born to reveal us the Truth and bring the Truth to us: that is to deliver us from materialism. Material things are not bad in themselves, but the great struggle is: which one will we worship: the Invisible Eternal Reality (God) or the material things? My point is this: it seems to be that the Celebration of Xmas has become totally materialistic: all about gifts, all about eating, all about money making. Of course, the greedy companies love the propaganda. But we as believers must beware not to fall in the trap of the world. They want us to be materialistic, that is lovers of the material, rather than lovers of God. Beloved, Christmas is not about the material gifts or shopping, no, Christmas is all about the Good Savior. He is the Center. He is no longer a Baby. Inside that Baby body was the Creator of the Universe, the Omnipotent One. Yes, that Baby was no mere human, inside resided the Trascedent One. But He is no longer a Baby! He died and resurrected for us to enjoy Him within us! He is our Organic Salvation within! He is the living Seed of the Word that has been planted in us! He, as the Salvation of God, is developing in us till Christ be formed in us (until the mind of Christ be fully developed within ours). Yes, He is the Helmet of Salvation: to save our minds from satanic concepts, beliefs, and ideas. He came to save us to glorify Himself in us by saving us! Why people don't acknowledge Christ in Christmas? Why the world hate Him that they prefer Saint Clause? It is because of their ignorance. They don't know the true meaning of Christ-mas. The meaning of Christmas is Salvation to man for the Glory of God. May the Good Lord Jesus grant you a Sweet Celebration of His Love this Holidays! May we all see the full meaning of Christmas! Merry Christmas! Enjoy Christ-mas!

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