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Summary: God, through the miracle birth - Jesus Christ, gave to mankind the gift of forgiveness to save us from our sins.

Christmas is For-giving Part 3 Forgetting

Introduction (adapted from a series by Craig Groeschel)

Mat 1:18-21

God, through the miracle birth- Jesus Christ, gave to mankind- gift of forgiveness- to save us from- sins.

Christmas is a time For-giving.

We have been studying the whole truth of forgiveness.

One of the greatest hindrances to us receiving God’s forgiveness is not being able to forgive ourselves.

God’s Gift of Forgiveness

If- going to trust in God’s forgiveness, we must first-

Accept what we cannot change

There are things in the past we can do nothing about.

Sometimes we mourn over things we cannot change.

We must forgive ourselves and put our trust in God’s forgiveness, even over the past.

Secondly, to trust God’s forgiveness, we must-

Give it up to God

Things we have done wrong can cause great guilt/pain.

When we think about our own failures we can either-

-turn inward and feel sorry for ourselves

-turn outward to people/things for comfort

-turn upward to God and find His strength/peace

Thirdly, to trust in God’s forgiveness, we must-

Focus on what is left, not what has been lost

Too often we remember the things we should forget and forget the things we should remember.

We dig up things from the past that God has forgiven.

We must not allow our past failures to shape our future

God does not hold- past against us- neither should we.

David and Paul

David, a mighty King in Israel, had some major moral failures in his life- immorality, murder.

Paul the Apostle, who wrote most of the NT, before he met Christ, had God’s people imprisoned/killed.

But both of these men learned to-

-accept what they could not change

-give their past and failures up to God, and

-focus on what they had, not what they had lost

Therefore they were able to receive God’s forgiveness, and as a result, live their life w/purpose and dignity.

As with David/Paul-

God is a God that forgives/gives second chances

Hidden in the Christmas Story

In Matthew 1, we find the genealogy of Jesus Christ.

We find something interesting in Jesus family tree-

Mat 1:1, 6

Hidden in the middle of the genealogy of Jesus Christ is the story of David’s sin and failure w/Bathsheba.

The fact that David/Bathsheba- found in Christ family tree- picture of God’s forgiveness/restoration.

It brings hope to all who have sinned/made mistakes.

Look back at- Christmas story again- Mat 1:21-23

The story of the birth of Jesus Christ is a story of hope.

If God can forgive David/Paul, He can forgive us.

As we approach- new year, hold of- supernatural life available through-birth/life/death/resurrection-Jesus

Christmas is a time forgiving.

The greatest gift of all time is the gift of forgiveness and eternal life that God has given to us.

The greatest gift we can give- our love/forgiveness.

May we experience Gods forgiveness/give forgiveness

That is-Christmas story-Jesus came- save us from-sins.

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